I got us Pay Per Inspection E&O insurance!

I should have the website and press release up in a couple days or less.

I’m thrilled!

Estimate on cost per inspection? Ballpark figure?
Nice Job Nick

Really incredibly awesome Nick!!! Thank you so very much!!!

I should have it launched it a day or two.

Look forward to the details. :slight_smile:


Look forward to the details. :smile:


This should be quite a help to new inspectors, and part timers.

Wow…Fantastic…Thank You !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This has been in the works for some time, and soon I’ll give you the inside scoop (and it’s all good for NACHI).

Sounds great! Looking forward to details.

Again…another AWESOME reason why NACHI is taking over the country…:slight_smile: You guys just never rest on your hands…always getting things done…

Great news for the new inspectors…nice work Nick and Keith!

Keith Swift helped us get this.

I’m anxious to read the details!!
Thanks NACHI! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick

Great work.

Keith, I’m really glad to see you are behind this and got it going. Thanks.

A big time thank you!

Nick and Keith,

You are an inspiration to all.

Nice Job…


Any day now. I did very little actually, other than whine and beg to get it, and other insurance benefits, for the membership. I will post or write an article about how this came about and why I endorse it, as soon as the news is made public. Be patient. As Churchill said: “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

Dave, enjoyed the picture of a father and child as much as your thanks. Thank you.