I had a hater email me...This is my response.

Somebody messaged me without a return number…Its new type
of texting system that you must leave your phone number.
They said I asked the dumbest questions…that I cannot be ICC
certified…Here’s my response.

My Home Inspector teacher that recommend that we join Nachi told
me a great statement that has allowed me to be a Home Inspector
for the last 5 years through some of the most turbulent economic
times known…and I have not had a E/O claim.

He said there are two types of Home Inspectors:

  1. One’s that have been sued
  2. One’s that are going to get sued.

This translated to me was this…error on the side of caution.
Don’t think you know too much…ask advice from known professionals.
I want to give my clients the best information that I can…5 years later
Is it own proof. So keep hating…I will keep gaining clients and paying
my Nachi and ICC dues. Nachi ID# NACHI06032374, ICC **# 8003106


Not sure what you are saying or referencing…

For a minute there I thought it was just me. :wink:

So this person was questioning whether you were an ICC member or hold an ICC Certification? There are some that advertise as ICC Certified but are only members and do not hold a Certification in any of the disciplines. Quite a difference that the one word can make.

The poster is saying David’s questions are so dumb how can he be ICC certified. Regardless I could care less what people think of me. Everytime I do a home inspection I seem to come across something new here in St. Louis where homes are over 100 plus years old most of the time. I wouldn’t be who I am today without all my dumb questions ;). Keep it up David.

I have (4) ICC Certificates… I spent about 3 years in night school.

My website list them…its on the about link.

Good job on the certs. Ignore the comments from those that choose to stay in the shadows of anonymity. Didn’t check the website. That opening tone on the Grassfrog sites drive me nuts so I just skipped the site. :wink:

Thanks Billy…I have stayed humble as 5 year Nachi member.
Asking smart people questions…like yourself and other Nachi members
I think is a very wise thing…

A idiot texted me …questioning my Home Inspector experience.
Im not going to be silent this time…I have been a Nachi member
for 5 years and a Home Inspector for 5 years…My business has
grown…I just dont use the board to brag. This why Im posting.

Thanks…Im going to let it go. Im going to stick to what has kept me
in business for the last 5 years…If I have any doubt, I put a Post
on Nachi and let the experts advise me. That method has left me problem
free so far…Its not stupid…its been my success. Men like yourself make
Nachi a great organization…Thank you for all your replies.

David -

Curious. In an inspection I usually make statements, NOT ask questions.

Whats this person saying?

I get confused when I complain about someone making a statement about my qualifications, and do not even know who I am talking to, or complaining to. Since I do not know, it is that other person who has the problem: not me.