I hate Decks


Good example of a disaster … Thanks

Well, at least they got most of the deck boards flat.

Now I see why they have a gate at the bottom of the stairs.
No one allowed on the deck until inspected.:mrgreen:

lol Marcel. The upper deck was not too bad. Lag bolts on the ledger board, strong ties nailed properly etc. But the guard rail and stairs were in need of help.

That bottom deck was just waiting for the right amount of weight to go over IMO.

Well, once they get that wood stove going and burn that wood, it might lighten up the load a bit and be alright. :wink:

I wonder how many beers that took to build.

It looks like a few nails in the stairs is the only thing keeping the deck from collapsing. I can see it now… several intoxicated people build a fire in that little stove. The deck falls and that little stove rolls down the hillside embers flying everywhere starting a forest fire that burns uphill and burns the house down. The sad part is the first words out of the fire marshal’s mouth is who inspected the deck.

deck fire.jpg

That sure painted a good mental picture on those drunks starting that stove Randy. Kind of funny scenario. :mrgreen:

I wish You guys would stay out of my yard…


Let me know when the party starts Jim. :wink: