I inspected a 6 pack today!

Of bottom plates that is.

This is a draw inspection, 1st one. Job site was a mess, no plans or blueprints. I think the home owner is the general and the builder, well let’s just say the pictures say it all.

Where is the rest of tar paper on the roof?

On the roof, in the side yard, in the back yard…

What a mess.

Peter, what is your problem, isn’t this becoming the Standard of Work quality today? I thought is was just me. ha. ha.

Do you think the siding and the landscape shrubbery is going to pull through in one piece. ??? I haven’t even examined the work yet. ha. ha.

That is a good example of the new generation, I tell you.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :roll:

Marcel, the builder look to be about 55 or so.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes.


I guess for some people, it dose not matter how long they have been doing it wrong, they always believe it is the right way of doing things.

Go figure. ha ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Marcel, what do you think the building inspector will say about the 6 plates under the rafters?

With regards to the top plate. Can you say ‘squash’.

Seeing this more and more. People with too much money (usually commodities brokers who retire with 4 Mil in the bank and think they are smarter than everyone else), than sense.

Hire people out of the local Home Depot parking lot and TRUST then to know what they are doing!


1st qualification to be a GC. You have actually (by yourself) built a couple of houses! :mrgreen:

2nd qualification: Hire only licensed, bonded and insured (E&0) subcontractors. But, then, the house would cost at least 300K more.


Will, this was a draw inspection, I’m wondering what the bank will say when they see this mess, or maybe they don’t care. Time will tell.

He will probably not even go up there unless you provide him with access up a ladder and help him climb. Too much work, and will take it for granted that it was done like it should be.
Isn’t that what we do as HI’s.? To inspect the condition of the House?

Code Inforcement, will only inspect as far as Safety and liveable aspects.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I totally agree and do many of these type of inspections every week. I usually (try to) talk to the contractor and explain thay they are REALLY unqualified to do this kind of work.

I rarely succeed.

But, sometimes, I talk them into a pre-drywall inspection, and then a full inspection (usually about 200% over my normal fees) so that they have a document to provde to the sellers.

Too many ‘way too smart for their own good’ people doing construction out there.

Never trust a contractor or architect who didn’t work their way through school using a hammer.

Nuff Said! :shock:

Marcel, this was not in the attic, sorry I should have said that.

This house is a cape with a full dormer in the back, and they are putting a full dormer in the front. The picture I showed you was part of the front expansion, this is actually looking into the bathroom.

I’ll see if I have a picture that shows it better.

Here’s three more, the small shed dormer is the one you see in the picture of the front of the house, the second one is of the left side interior, IE rafter built on a six pack of plates, the last is, well, I’m not sure, parting walls, collar ties, thingamabobbies… jeese um crow bar!!