I Joist strapping

Looking for some info on strapping or attaching engineered i joists to sill plate. Anyone got manufacturers info?
Thanks in advance.

This might have some info for you: http://www.woodbywy.com/literature/TJ-4000.pdf


Same stuff I found. Appearantly no requirements for strapping to sill plates. Makes no sense. You have to strap the sill but then you can nail the joists, and have no band board. Kind of defeats the purpose.

It shows blocking panels between the joists finished with and engineered rim board.

Some more info, you may have seen


I see rim joists. Look at page 4 for typical rim boards.

Otherwise, you are right, the joists/rim are toe nailed to the sill plate.

Engineered joists should still have an outside rim joist

Dozens of them here inspected, none have them. ](,)](,)](*,)
That would fix the problem now wouldn’t it.

Don’t know about everybody else, but I nail them to the sill and nail the rim joist to the I-joist.
Anything different is f^cked up until proven innocent. :mrgreen::wink:

Page 4 (a wall):

That looks normal to me Larry. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Marcel. That is what I’ve done and why I posted the PDF of:

Sean, thats just wrong!!! Never seen anyone frame a floor without a rim joist, recently anyway.

Larry, nice illustration, Thanks

Yep, we’ve got some geniuses here who do that all the time and then they double down on their stupidity and bolt a deck to the OSB sheathing. :roll: ](*,)

Ironic! I wrote that one up yesterday. :smiley: Have fun fixing this one.

Thought of you this morning Sean :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that a central girder?

Yes its really that simple. :smiley:

Marcel Cry has what you need. I forget the thread.