I just want to be sure. Help would be appreciated

I am currently doing my 4 mock inspections for internachi. I was in this attic and everything appears to be in good shape. I notice as shown in the picture a missing plate here. My question to make sure is that is it required to have a plate there? Also was wondering if this would be a altered truss to report?

What plate? Do you mean bottom chord?

If there’s no engineer approved documentation, yes.

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He was referring to a gusset plate I think.

Ahh, yes. That vertical stud was installed after the modification.

Thank you very much! Yes I was referring to the vertical stud. So I should report it has a altered truss and in need of the appropriate plating suggested by the engineer. If I was to look for the documentation, would there be a certain place it would be located at?

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The alteration…Yes!

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It would be located right at the alteration?

Don’t waste you time. Not your job.


A modified truss was observed in the attic. Roof trusses can not be modified without an engineers approval. Recommend obtaining documentation from the seller. If no documentation is available, repairs will be required to ensure the structural integrity of the roof.

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Not “suggested”… “REQUIRED”!
Trusses are “Engineered & Certified (by a Truss Design Engineer) structural components”. ALL modifications are required to be engineered and Certified. Any that aren’t, are not allowed! A Cetificate is issued by said Engineer and a copy is usually fastened near the modification on the truss. Do not get involved in prescribing what the truss needs. It has been “MODIFIED” and in need of a Truss Engineers review and prescription for repair. Period!

Thaank you for letting me know the location, again thank you for the great info. I thought that was the case but wanted to be sure.

can’t cut truess’s. review by engineer