Turkey Hunters

Any turkey (the bird;-) ) hunters out their?? Good or bad year, any luck? check out : http://www.basspro.com/servlet/catalog.CFPage?&mode=article&objectID=28888&cat=Hunting&subcatID=30&objectType=article&cmid=OLBASIC_28888_TITLE

I hunt but not turkeys did not want to send the money for the coares to get the permit.

Hi Rob, where do you hunt, do you know of any bush for sale in S.Ontario?

Charles we hunted up until this year just north of Durham my mom had 100 acers there great for deer,ducks and geese.She sold it this past Feb. So this year we are going deer hunting up at Sundrigde,one of the guys in the group I hunt with has 200 acers there.We have already booked a cottage only 4.5 km from his place to say in because he has no buildings on the place.If your looking for some place to hunt turkeys I know there is alarge flock around the little village of Dornock about 10 miles north of Durham on Hwy 6.Thats where my mom’s place was last year seen about 50 in one day while deer hunting.If you want to check it out go to Dornock turn left at the main intersection you will be going west at this time go up and over the hill and past the cell tower on your riht,near the bottom of the hill there is a naterial gas line running north and south.To the south along that gas line is about 400 acers of goverment land that you can hunt .Both high and low ground.The firrst fence you come to is my mom’s old place private property and so is the rest of the land south.Check it out I know there are turkeys there.
Rob P.

Thanx Rob, If you see any bush for sale in your travels let me know. Use to go to Sundrige and SouthRiver a lot as Mom and Dad and I built a home on Eagle Lake in the 80’s. NIce area and lots of Deer and Moose! More deer around here then up there!

I know but would rather hunt deer with a rifle than a shotgun or bow some times I do go out with the black powder.I will let you know if I see any good land for sale.
Rob P.

My son Kody and I are going in the am to try our luck at turkey hunting, I just hope that we see one and that will get his blood going, he is 12 1/2 going on 21!!

Glad for you and Kody this is what life is all about. Roy Sr
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