I Need Images.......Calling All Brethren !

Hey Guys ( and Gals ),

I am going to be starting a thing on the "GURU" site where I post a picture and write an article about the image and explain all the defects. Here is where I need your help.......

I would love as many images of electrical defects you can find...both minor and major so that I can write articles on the images and post them on my website and refer to them in my radio shows.

You get to play the Electrical Inspector…done many times on other publications…but as always I will put a twist on mine. So, if you have some good images please send them to me and I will give you full credit in the article, post your company and name and quite frankly give you PROPS where needed. You don’t have to tell me the defects… that’s my job…I just need the images.

These images COULD be developed into a book at some point so PLEASE make sure when you send me the images that I have all rights to them. As long as their is no address of the image location or so on....then an image is an image.....I will accept it.

Thanks InterNACHI family…You all ROCK !

I will try to get some to you. Just today I came across a sub-panel with a circuit to a basement bedroom. Instead of an AFCI breaker they used a GFCI breaker. The main panel had 5 AFCI breakers.

From today:shock:

Paul, I have some doozies.

What email should I send it to?

Yes, where would you like them sent?

Hi Paul,

Can I send you one of a switch within reach of a person standing in a bathtub;-)…

I attached a couple of pics from last week which should be self explanatory.

You got mail:D:D

A few personal favorites:

NYC in use cover:

Isolated ground connection:

Sale on green wire:

What could you write about this? :smiley:

Img0032 (Small).JPG

lol…some great images guys…send to info@theelectricalguru.com

Got em fella…thanks !

Not against NEC…


heres a good one for all of you, I wanted to write" service mast is peeled back like a soda can lid" but alas the proffesional came out in me

Keyprime June  14th  2011 004.jpg

Email sent

True story. I compiled about 6-8 pictures, and was in the process of attaching them to your email address when My monitor died. Fried right in front of me. Irony is, I believe it to be an electrical malfunction.

The pictures are stuck on my desktop until a new one arrives.

Be sure to send Paul a pic of the fried monitor! :wink:

Thanks Guys…I got some great images…I will be sure to give credit in the articles I am doing and keep the images coming.

A couple more for you