The Electrical Guru Website- Needs Your Help

Hey Guys,

I am working on a new reference website for Electricians and Home Inspectors and I need your help.

I will be doing weekly articles and helpful educational videos and images but I need your assistance.

If you have photo’s of your electrical inspections and violations please send your photo’s to

Your name will not be listed unless you would like the credit for the picture, what we will do is post the pictures, explain the defects and other helpful things and would LOVE to have all the members help out.

We also have a new LINK Exchange program as well…check it out.

Please only send JPegs…and only clear images of electrical violations or images you WANT us to define the violations…just make sure the images are clean and clear.

Thank you all in advance for the assistance…


Add them as you wish, and when using any of the commentary, please allow me to have a look before posting.

I took many of these pictures during my travels, many have already been published in my articles, and others were sent in by people from the field.

I too will be developing videos to be posted on YouTube identifying the problems that were found.

I have these images included in many of my presentations. If there are any questions please let me know, good luck with your new site it looks good!

PS: I added a link on my links page last week, just so I could keep up with you!

Who is running the businesses? :slight_smile:

Thanks Joe…

Well I have (4) guys and basically I am online until 2-3 AM every morning and sleep for 4-5 hours and back up again at it again on the job. Job’s slow down for me during the winter but stay brisk enough to keep everyone busy but I send out the guys to do little things and while I have the time I edit the things online.

Many people thing it takes ALOT of time to do the things I do online, when in fact I can pop out a website in less than 15-20 minutes and it looks decent…I am a techno-geek myself in that I write code, perl, java and host sites for people in my area as well on the side.

I have a Pet Boarding Kennel my wife runs and I have another business my brother runs for me so it makes it hard sometimes joe to do all I want as my son is growing up so fast…it is like I missed the first 8 years of his life in my everyday back and forth movements.

I will add you to the LINK page of the GURU site…as for the images, people that submit them have to allow us to review them unless they come with a PRE done violation list comments…I would suggest anyone who sends any pictures tothe GURU and wants there own comments on them to attach a word document as well of the statements per image and it should be all good.

As again for the business…I got so much going on in 2007…I know SOMETHING or someone is going to suffer…just hope it’s NOT my marriage that suffers…I am married to such a wonderful women who lets me be me…not sure what I would do without her.


ON your links page you may want to just link to the “The Electrical Guru” website and not mine. I am trying to build a resource that does not focus on me as much…other than being the founder of it.

In other words I can invision in a time it having OTHER instructors seminar lists on it and people contribute to it’s development and growth as I don’t want to do it alone…

while it does have my image on it right now…it’s all for promotion and so on as you know I use the GURU thing as a Schtic so to speak…attention getter but in the end it was a GREAT idea for a resource site…just had NO idea what it is going to take to get it seen and known…but I am working on it.

I believe I got it added Joe…thanks again

OK, Done, actually you can do it as well if you want to spread links around, thank you too, let this be the beginning of a productive and Happy New Year for you.

I want to see you become successful!

I was there once too, think about the time needed to keep a family happy. I too have an obsession with this computer, why how can we go wrong now with so many toys, beats the old TRS 80 days for sure.

And with spending 4 full day each week instructing, I never seem to get enough and can’t wait to sign on again.

This very minute I am on the AMTRAK send ing this message!

Again, Good Luck you will be successful.