Strange shower stall?????-)

I have seen some strange things in business but this is right at the top.

Shower stall built in the stair case well and yes the shower pan was leaking.

I’ve seen a couple of those. One must lean over to shower in it. Really weird.

That photo reminds of a new home we were installing the HVAC system in years ago when I was going thru school. They had decided at the 11th hour to install a toilet and sink in a small room under the stairs which was located in the living room. They of course decided to put the toilet down into the part of the closet where it got narrower, so anyone attempting to use it would have to drop trou, look back between their legs, then lock onto toilet as they backed into and sit down. I kept thinking it would be like an in-flight refueling hook up where the operator has to lower the boom to the waiting aircraft. You would need a “spotter” but the room would not hold more than one person. The other inescapable thing was, here was a thunder-jug right off the living room. I suppose that was the “guest” bathroom and one had to go in, do their business while trying to learn how to back in on the hopper in the first pass, make a bunch of rude noises for all the others in the LR to hear, then come out, possibly to applause if the “mission” was a success.

Good use of space.
Most likely for the shorties anyway.

Have you got something against shorties.

How would you like to explain to your wife or mother how some shortie kicked your BUTT. Just kidding:D always wanted to say that on this board-)

Charley, as Randy Newman sung…
Nah , I won’t go there.
Must be a regional thing since in Chicago shorties refers to kids.
So when you hear me talking about rug rats…

Anyone notice the missing cover plate on the switch?

picky, picky…

yes and the other two dozen that were missing-)