I need your help

I am and tying to post pictures and its not working. I am clicking on the mountain icon and nothing happends. What am I doing wrong?

Can you help me?

I will try to help.

I just clicked on the mountain icon and the page went to the back… behind the screen I see. Minimize your page and the upload thingy will be there…

So, I tried the paper clip and the screen stayed on top so I could browes to my choice of pics. Once I load my pics it is just a matter of clipping it to the page.

see not to bad.:shock:

I might should add this one to the Photo section.lol

I have tons of good pics , but for some reason I quit adding them to the photo area.??

Thank you Todd for your help. I also have to thank Chris he was helping me over IM

I was not able to make it work until I got into Firefox, strange :roll: