I received this email about Ontario Certified Master Inspector Roy Cooke

Posted with permission:

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Way to go Roy!! You are such an awesome person and a valuable member to InterNACHI!

Yeah Roy is great and always willing to help.

Good work Roy!

Yet more confirmation that Roy is one of the most helpful inspectors around!
Way to Go Roy! :smiley:

Wouldn’t expect anything different from Roy. Way to go Roy.

Very nice Roy. Never to late to help people along.:slight_smile:

Nice, Roy! :slight_smile:

Nice going Roy, you are one of the good guys in the profession, I am glad we are friends.


Good job, Roy, thanks for always being there with the offer to help out!

One of the great benefits of Planet InterNACHI…

Resistance is futile! :nachi:

I have found him to be consistently sincere in his care and commitment to the welfare of home inspectors in Canada and the United States. He’s the real deal.

Much of Roy’s kindness and generosity goes under the radar and without notice.

Several years ago, as I was recovering from a bout with cancer resulting in a complete nephrectomy, Roy called me - not only to cheer me up but to offer me one of his own kidneys for a transplant. His kind gesture and offer of sacrifice did more to heal me than any of my medication.

Praising the goodness of Roy Cooke is certainly worth more than the annual visit to this message board.

If there were more people like Roy in every profession, the working world would be a better place for everyone.

Roy deserves this tribute.

Roy has also reached out to me and offered his assistance anytime. We had a great conversation and I really appreciated him taking his time to do so. I have also spent a lot of time going thru old post and one common the one thing that I always see is him giving advice and sharing his knowledge. I know he has already received the member of the year award and he truly deserves that recognition.

Maybe a new award can be started for “Retired Member of the Year” for those that continue to help others and contribute to InterNACHI even after leaving the business. I for one think that he would be a great nomination and very deserving of such award.

Thanks to all for your many kind words .

We have helped many and hope to continue helping where we can .

All the best . Roy

Sarah was a great student and we were very glad to have helped her …

But what I want to know is did You give her the magic purple shirt ?:smiley:

I’ll always be glad to have had the opportunity to have Roy and Char pay me a personal visit.
They are very nice people indeed.
Hope to see you again Roy.
Take care of yourself and stay off the roof. :):stuck_out_tongue:

Outstanding Roy!!

If you’re ever in the neighborhood or passing through (SW Ohio), please be sure to contact me, I’d be honored to treat you & yours to a great meal.

Roy is a good man in deed

Nick, much thanks for the post about Ontario Certified Master Inspector Roy Cooke.

Roy’s all in for InterNACHI home inspectors.

Best of the best.
Glad to be his friend.

Roy, your the king in my books mate.
I crown you Sir Roy Cooke.

Roy you’re the man!

All the best!


There appears to be confusion about the Inspector of The Year awarded to Roy Cooke Senior by one of the Quebec members during a conversation we had over the phone following a phone call I made concerning a letter delivered to my office that required immediate clarification before my attorney got involved.

To make it perfectly clear Quebec member.
Roy Cooke Senior was voted North American InterNACHI Member of the year not Canadian member of the year as assumed.
As well. Roy Cooke Senior was the First InterNACHI member inducted into The InterNACHI Inspector Hall of Fame.
His titles were respectfully won without outside influence doing a collective email to each provincial member on his behalf.
He never interfered by asking for help getting votes, just to be PERFECTLY clear.

And I fully concur. Roy Cooke Senior in my books was the best and deserves to be treated respectfully seeing he can no longer speak for himself. I told him, promised, I would on his behalf when he could not. This seemed like the right time.
Hope that helps.

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