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I’d like to know more about this Bulldog. Thanks for any info.IMG_3699.HEIC (1.7 MB) IMG_3700.HEIC (1.9 MB)

I don’t know if the pics will work or not. but its a bulldog junior, safety switch, amps 60, max volts 240 ac

Pictures did not work for me.

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Once thought to be the Cadillac of the industry.

# Pushmatic Bulldog & ITE Circuit Breakers & Electrical Panels

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BULL DOG SAFETY SWITCH. Appliance disconnect.
Vintage/Obsolete enclosure.
Cartridge fuses.
Double tapped power bus terminals.
Cartridge fuses can still be obtained through a licensed certified electrical equipment supply dealer.
Recommend review by a licensed electrical contractor.
Act upon any recommendation provided.


Which specific part of the Nema 1 enclosure of the disconnect is obsolete?

Or Home Depot, Lowes, your local small hardware store etc… NON and similiar style fuses are still used daily in new construction.

Why? Call out the lugs with more conductors than they are rated for for repair and move on. Aren’t you the professional they hired to review it?

Don’t forget the red neutral. And the open knockout. Best bet is to list the defects noted and call for a repair or replacement by a licensed electrical contractor.

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I agree with Michael. Report the defects and move on.

After the defects were corrected, I would not complain about that particular enclosure being in my home. JMHO YMMV

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Morning, Michael.
Hope this post finds you well.

OP - " I’d like to know more about this Bulldog."
First off I did not see the images until Junior posted them. So I posted a popular link to Bulldog Push Pull .

My post: Obsolete: no longer produced by the manufacture. Manufacturer no longer in business.
Double tapped power busses.
Double tapped power busses.

I did not want to report corrections required. IMO, an update would suite the service.

Hope that helps.
Have a great day.

The term, “Once thought to be the Cadillac of the industry” was echoed by Roy Cooke Senior. A licensed electrician.
The Pushmatic panel board and Pushmatic Bulldog circuit breaker were widely-used circuit breaker panels installed in properties that were built between the mid-1950s and early 1980s. This is a distinctive panel because it’s the only electrical panel brand that doesn’t have switches that flip left and right.

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Rise up to the occasion the organizations Committee Officers are offered.
Best regards.

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You should be removed from the Awards Committee as an Officer. You have done ZIP on this thread except WHINE, create a self made illusion and throw insults at a colleague.
Apologize to the OP or I will be lodging a well formed complaint asking the organization to review your rude demeaning input on threads with no substance.


Make all the dumb threats you want & flag the truth.
The obvious fact remains you have, again, given out uneducated, untruthful information that must be called out for the benefit of all members.
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Or Amazon

Power Gear 30-Amp Cartridge Fuses, 2-Pack, Femule Type, 30A, 250VAC, 54225 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0074RHROO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_qI8pFb772YKAA

or Lowes, Home Depot etc. :smile:

Evening, Joseph, James.
Yes, I concur with Lowes, Home Depot. Amazon.

I prefer to be impartial. By using a big box store name is advertising them in your report.
I: 3: The InterNACHI® member shall be fair, honest and impartial, and act in good faith in dealing with the public.

III: Duty to the Profession and to InterNACHI®
The InterNACHI® member shall not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to InterNACHI®, fellow InterNACHI® members, InterNACHI® employees, leadership or directors. Accusations of a member acting or deemed in violation of such rules shall trigger a review by the Ethics Committee for possible sanctions and/or expulsion from InterNACHI®.

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I posted somewhat perfect replies. I’d like to know more about this Bulldog. I post a link to BULL DOG and A post to the safety switch, amps 60, max volts 240 ac.

You look for any excuse to WHINE, CRY, Rave and cause trouble on a thread but how do you help the OP, as with most threads Organization Awards Committee Officer?

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That statement from the COE has nothing to do with whether or not fuses come from big box stores.
Again you are off on a tangent that pisses people with the inadequate understanding of what is going on or the understanding of the English language.
I do not blame Marc G. at all for being aggravated and frustrated with your constant misinformation that at times is construed as facts by newer inspectors, but in fact a side step from informational facts.
The best way to calm this down is for you to just leave it alone and stop posting responses that are way off base to the topic at hand.


Stop the BS scam robbie. Everyone here can read & understand but yourself.
The OP stated: its a bulldog junior, safety switch

You incorrectly replied with misinformation:
Once thought to be the Cadillac of the industry.
Pushmatic Bulldog & ITE Circuit Breakers & Electrical Panels

I posted somewhat perfect replies

You know better, you are a liar.

Stated it was a SWITCH, NOT breakers.
You can simply apologize & all might be OK.

Not to argue with you but, The way I read it, The InterNACHI® member shall be fair, honest and impartial To be “partial to” or “partial toward” someone or something is to be somewhat biased or prejudiced, which means that a person who is partial really only sees part of the whole picture.

I: Duty to the Public. This would pertain to clients.
The InterNACHI® member shall be fair, honest and impartial, and act in good faith in dealing with the public. By referring a single box stores in general is wrong in my opinion. It becomes an information bias. By referring to an certified electrical parts distributors allows an unbiased collection of certified electrical parts distributors.
You point out in a recent thread. “You got that right, I was there this week and in the plumbing isle, they must of had like 10 drum traps there just waiting to be bought. They are not legal to use in Maine. All kinds of material don’t meet local codes in that store.”
Marcel. You have to explain what cartridge fuse and the ampacity to purchase. How do they know?
In essence you are advising the client on what electrical equipment to purchase thus avoiding using a licensed electrical contractor to evaluate and rectify any defects.
Just my thoughts.

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Marc, there is no reason to argue.
I posted information. Both the manufacturer and equipment.
My first post has had 12 downloads.
You posted nothing of substance.

Bury your head in the sand all you want. Your peers will reflect on your position as well as mine.
Best regards.
Robert Young

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