I thought it was a joke

When I got a call from this business wanting an electrical scan on their panels.

No joke I scan them this morning got a little of my training money back:D:D;-)

That was no “fluke” Charley. You did your home work…happy for you. :slight_smile:

Good for you Charley.

One would have thought there would have been someone in house for such a thing
chaulk it up as a win
Not much of a roof though

Nice Charley, that should feed the Horses for a few days, huh!!:wink:

There was not a FLIR Camera in the building nor no one to use it if there had been.

They do IR research for the military and homeland security

No a couple of months:mrgreen::smiley:

My hat’s off to you sir !

You’re the man!:cool::smiley:

Would have been funny if you pulled out a Fluke!! :smiley:
(or is that what you use?)

No sir the type of camera was a requirement for getting the job they specifically asked what I used:D

Just because they manufacture the equipment, doesn’t mean they know how to use it :wink:

We often sell large companies their own equipment. Fall protection systems are very common to sell across a companies divisions. 3M and Honeywell are good examples of that. I cannot tell you how many times we sell 3M safety stuff to a different division of 3M. It always cracks me up. At the end of the day it really is corporate waste.

You get the “whole day” fee, Charley?

You are correct this Division of FLIR has nothing to do with the Camera division its why I got the job.

No I only charged for the time there and the report time

What else does Flir do other than IR imaging? Just curious.:slight_smile:

Military & homeland security (if I tell ya I have to Kill you kind of stuff):wink:

I know they get a lot of government contracts for night vision equipment,
and I think they also deal in sensing equipment like electronic sniffers.

Charley, you are truly “Da Man”. I wish you lived closer, It would be great to buy you a beer.

I don’t drink beer any MORE but I don’t drink it any less either:D Where are you located I do travel :smiley:

I just looked ya up in Wa State and looked at your web site I see you lived in Kirkland Wa. for a while I dated a girl while in the Navy that lived there also nice place on Lake washington

Good score Charley.

Do you get to list FLIR as a client now?