I want to set up an acct to accept credit cards

Can anyone give some advice as to the best
company/bank for accepting credit/debit for payment over the

I currently use square 3%/transaction over phone.

Thanks in advance

Paypal has their own also. “Paypal Here” it’s called.


It depends upon your volume.

Aaron Furman Total Merchant Services and ISN

Second what John said, Aaron will beat anyone around.

I use square. You can create invoices and they pay you quick.


I have signature. Found I didn’t use it enough to pay the fees. I have left messages, sent emails about canceling the service. No reply. Be careful before you sign up with anyone. John

I also had a hell of a time closing out a Payfuse account (months)! The monthly charges just kept on coming without use.

Square now has invoicing (same fee as a swiped card) with on line statements and email notifications on activity. (I could hardly get a decent statement from the bank).

You can process a charge even if you don’t have phone service…

I don’t use it much, so unless you make a dozen transactions a day you may want to stick with what you use (just expand your account).

Same company integrated into Spectacular. Cool!

Aaron Fuhriman’s phone number is: 800-608-7363 x 605

He is the BOMB. LOWEST Fees in town and the Best Customer Service

You guys/gal have been a big help.
Just makes the $499/yr even more of a bargain.

I switched from square and now use Burch Merchant Solutions (Jennifer Burke jennbcpay@gmail.com 850-596-5184). She did all the work and even set my website up so clients can pay on-line, swipe on my phone, or key in the number on my phone. Her customer support is awesome. She is easy to reach via phone, e-mail or text (seems like 24 hours a day). I have been with her for 4 months and average 2.2% and I except all credit cards.

John, I will give her a call. My backside hurts every month when I get my statement. :shock:

John Shelton - Are you paying a monthly fee as well?

Google is your friend. Not sure why anyone would pay ridiculous fees for a service plenty others provide and with extra features for less.