I was wrong! Palin is bad.

I have to admit, when I am wrong I am wrong.

After all the forceful and well thought out and stated arguements by the great minds here, such as Jim B. and Joe B. and Bob E, I was teetering, unsure of myself and my beliefs.

Then this came out, from, probably, the most eloquent and logical speaker on Mr. Obama’s behalf (Who Mr. Obama put in charge of getting out the youth vote).

See it for yourself. I will, surely, change your mind. Be sure to watch it all because this is pure logic and reason from one of Mr. Obama’s biggest supporters. He clearly states ALL the reasons why the Palin choice was a catastrophe.


How can one argue with that? McCain “bugs the f*ck out of him”. There can be no greater or more compelling arguement.

Palin has no experience with crime, crackheads or Blak people’s policy.

How could McCain be so stupid. :wink:

Hope this helps;

D Piddy???:roll: :roll: :shock: :shock: -X :wha?: :wha?: ](,) ](,) :humph: :humph: :humph:

Must admit it makes Obama girl look genius.

Now thats a good one Bob! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_1_21.gif But the girl is a hottie! Must say I never heard a word come out of her mouth;-)


That’s what happens when you get millions of teenage white kids buying his clap trap Rap.

You become a multimillionaire and actually start to believe the hype that someone cares what you think.:shock:

D Piddyful!


McCain celebrity musicians at least have class, as seen here!


A well thought out think piece, on stage , if I say so myself.


My point was NOT that an admitted criminal black rapper was an Obama supporter, that fact can be assumed.

My point was that Mr. Colms (aka, P Diddy) is the actual, appointed, Obama campaign get out the youth vote representative. He is officialy part of the Obama campaign.

And, he is SOOO eloquent and wise and gives such logical reasons. :mrgreen:

Language is the reflection of the intelligence.

I would let her watch my kids long before I would let him in my house.

Actually , I do not believe what you said is all true, as I heard Obama dis-invow P-dipsh-t s statements from like 3 weeks ago.
He would love this idiot to go away.

Please take him to your side.

It is truely amazing when these people (leftist singers and actors) actually believe that any normal, rational person is in the slightest bit interested in their opinions.

And it is equally amazing that anyone pays them any attention.

Sheryl Crow - Singer OK.

Sherly Crow - Political mind You gotta be kidding me.

Same with Whoppi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah Winfree, Katie Kouric and Aireanna Huffington. And that’s just the wack job females.

Bill Cosby was WRONG!!! Bill Cosby: Poor blacks can’t speak English

***Shame ***on you Bill to say its a “poor” Phenomenon See P-Diddy link above for proof that money cant buy smart. :mrgreen:

P-Diddy said "We Da Future" LOL