I would like to Introduce my self

Hello, all of you. I am from (Albuquerque, NM). I am so excited to begin my new career as a home inspector. My name is Adam Gonzalez and I have been in many different fields of work. “Careers”
I have owned a Roofing contractor business in the 90"s and been in management Warehouse distribution as well in 2000. Now I am so excited to begin this new career!
I look forward to meeting you all in our field.

Thank you and have a Great adventure!!!

Welcome Adam!

Jump right into the forum and participate. There are no stupid questions but you may get some ribbing, if it is really basic.

Take all the education that InterNACHI has to offer and you will be off to a good start.



Welcome to The Forum good luck in your new adventure

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Welcome Adam !

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never heard of Wherehouse disruption
did you mean whorehouse?
we want the dirt…

being a beginner you may get a pass here from some
in the real world clients, owners, agents, builders and ahj won’t be so forgiving of what may be seen as a simple typo

proof reading & double checking what you type is key to being recognized as a competent inspector


LOL the misspelling happens when I type fast and rushing with out checking my spelling.
Warehouse, distribution.

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Thanks for the correction. I do not mind at all.

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That is a great spirit, Adam! :smile: