Ic Home Inspection software

Good morning,
I just signed up for the IC Home Inspection Software and am modifying it to NACHI specs, etc, etc, etc.

 This is my question to those of you who are using this product or the HG Software.
 Are you including the NACHI Code of Ethics, Definitions and Scope, Standards of Practice and Limitations, and Exceptions & Exclusions or not.
 Obviously you only have to cut and paste it once to the master form and thats all.

Carl Salvo

Very few people will post the whole thing. Most won’t post it at all or will post a synopsis in each section. I’ve never seen the Code of Ethics included. Instead, just include a link in your report to these items if you want your client to know about them. Some should be linked to in your contract as wel.

I put some of that stuff (from my state law) in the report where it is applicable.

No one in a Real Estate transaction is going to read all that stuff if you lump it all together.

If you don’t keep it short and to the point it won’t get read by anyone (till you get to court 2 years later).

Some if this stuff is important for them to know, so you got to make it readable if your going to bother using it for something other than “fill”.


And the url to the link in your report as Dominic said.