ICC Boot Camp

Yes Nick, it was Bill, and now we know all your secrets… Just kidding. :smiley:

In reality it was an honor to have had the opportunity to share our ICC Study Method with so many new & longtime NACHI members.

The goal that Greg & I have is to help NACHI members to expand their skill base and broaden their customer base in all facets of New Construction. ICC Certification will assist home inspectors to be readily recognized as new construction professionals in a market that desperately needs our assistance.

Wendy, I don’t know what you are talking about.

Greg, Bill has the distinction of being NACHI’s first “due-paying” member. I also believe his son was at one time NACHI’s youngest member and our first teenage member. His son, like my son, started out as inspector helpers.

Years ago when NACHI was just a little group in Pennsylvania we didn’t charge dues. We didn’t have many expenses so guys like Bill and I would just throw cash into NACHI to keep it going at first.

Later we ran into a problem, but it wasn’t over money. The problem with running a free association, one where there are no dues, is that you really don’t know who is and who isn’t a member. You see, paying dues is what defines one as a member of an association. So we decided to charge dues. At first we charged one-time, lifetime dues (which Bill got in on early). I think it was $1,000.00 at the time. We later went to annual dues of $289 instead.

I liked the free association idea but eventually was convinced that dues had to be charged if for nothing else, to define one as being a member. The one-time, lifetime fee appealed to me though and 10 years later I used it at www.certifiedmasterinspector.org where there is only a one-time fee to be a CMI.

Bill later moved to FL and got his GC license. I hook up with him every time I head to S. Florida.

Joe you couldn’t of said it any better!

And of course, thanks to Wendy for passing on the prize!
Make sure and attend if you get the chance. It gave me a lot of confidence in dealing with the codes and preparing for the test. I think Greg is right in that ICC certification will give me a great deal more credibility for the future.:cool:

All NACHI members should keep piling up their educational base. Code certification, mold certification, commercial inspections, new construction inspections, … never quit learning. It all ties together.

You’re very welcome Andrew (mooching wasn’t I?) :slight_smile:

I will definitely do that or an equivalent when I can. I agree. It’s a good way to go.


I agree 100% you can never have to much education. I think it is a fact that more doors will open for you when you have more education.

In our fish bowl industry, marketing is a two edged sword. If you are a technically strong inspector, marketing will will get you more business. If you are a technically weak inspector, marketing will hasten your demise.

Marketing only accelerates you in the direction you DESERVE to go.

“You can never have too much education” Greg Bell… “Knowledge Is Power” Sir Francis Bacon… Education opens the eyes, which can’t hurt in our profession!! Can’t wait until the 9/9 seminar in Tampa!!

A point very well said by everybody, and well taken.
Yes, education will enhance someones intellectual stance and experience added to all of this magnifies the learning curve.

Very good insight on everyone’s part.

Glad to be a young member. ha. ha. Never to old to learn.

Marcel. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: