Ice damming around dormers

I’m wondering if this is normal. This roof has just been redone (for the second time). It also included raising the roof by 3 inches to allow for better ventilation. The roofing company that did the installation explained that the damming is due to the fluctuation in weather conditions. This is a new roof so in my opinion the roof should work as it should. I also think that this, whatever the weather conditions are, is going to be an upcoming issue. That is, water infiltration. I have attached a couple photos. This roof was rebuilt in 2004 only to have major water infiltration problems by 2006 (yeah, we thought we were out of the woods when we got through the winter of 2005). It has just been rebuilt again in 2019. There is more but I guess my question is…This is a new roof! Is what you see in the photos acceptable or not? and why? Thank you

That is not normal.
What kind of roof?
Looks like maybe an Architect should design it for the 3rd time and do it right.
There are obviously ventilation and heat loss going on somewhere.

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I would just report what you see. It is not a matter of acceptable or not. IMHO. :smile:

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Metal roof. I agree it’s not normal and surprised (not really) the same is happening now (again). I would think the best thing to do is to remove the dormers and just have the sloped roof but it is in a heritage location so…
Thanks for your reply

I know. I just wanted an opinion on what you think the issue is.

It could be what they said…changes in the weather or something else. It is hard to say with out being there and investigating. :smile:

The weather has been a bit crazy so that is what I’m hoping for. The question I ask myself is if the new roof will withstand. Only time will tell.
Thank you Larry for the much appreciated feedback

You’re welcome Geoffrey. :smile:

Roof: Metal Standing seam.
Condition: Ice Damming.
Ice damning occurs due to heat transfer to the sheathing/decking and covering.
To impede heat transfer, sufficient insulation for that climate zone, together with acquitted ventilation, when required. I say when required because the roof space or attic can be vaulted.

Insulation. Suspect: Insufficient insulation.
Limitation: Unable to observe roof space and attic.

Roof: Recommend a licensed roofing contractor:
1: Service the roof covering within one year.
2: Provide a roof tuneup.
3: Typical maintenance item.
Insulation: Recommend a licensed insulation contractor evaluate the best conditions to adequately reduce heat transfer to the dormer and attic.

*Note the detached downspout.
*Note icicles.
*Note if the sellers decoration omitted icicles.

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Thank you all for your input. Appreciated