Stucco with ICF

I never see stucco. So my knowledge is very limited. Did the house today has ICF foundation stucco exter ior. I have no idea what kind of framing.

What are your thoughts on the stucco being buried? Also I noticed several small cracks primarily around the windows like you’d find with cracked caulking. I’m calling out to have The cracks further assessed and repaired by qualified individual. Not looking for anybody to write my report for me by any meanssomebody that’s more knowledgeable than me.


That’s something to address.
Is this hard coat stucco?

HC Stucco on concrete (CMU block, tilt-up wall, poured wall) is often in contact with grade, since there’s no real opportunity for moisture or insect intrusion under or behind the cladding.

Very different issue on wood framed walls, or with foam backed walls.

Of course, stucco is most often installed incorrectly, with a number of commonly overlooked defects, combined with poor workmanship.

I do not know of it’s a hard coat about ideas on what to look for?

Hard coat feels like you are tapping on a rock.

Foam backed walls feels like you are tapping on something hollow. Cory.

At least, that is my experience of them.

I hope that helps you.

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It’s foam backed I believe.

I don’t understand how it affects function.

Termites, etc., can get right through foam and into the wood behind it but not if it is concrete behind the stucco, especially if it is buried into the ground one wouldn’t be able to see the evidence of them e.g. termite tubes, frass, etc.


Cory, if you’re not sure what you’re looking at, disclaim it. It’s that simple. EIFS/stucco claims are a huge mess with massive lawsuits extending over years involving boatloads of money. Don’t take my word, do some homework.
Stucco/EIFS have been manufactured by many companies and their formulas have changed over the years. Proper installation requires installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which can change at any time.
As far as I’m concerned, and I’ve studied this a lot, to inspect stucco you need to do it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you should be charging premium prices.

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