ID device in attic

Good afternoon,

I recently inspected a home and I was not able to identify what this device is.
The silver hose/duct runs into the master bedroom closet ceiling. The vent inside the closet looks like a normal AC ceiling vent.

I have contacted my HVAC friends and a HVAC supplier, no one has been able to positively ID this.

Thank you for your assistance!

*This was as close as I could get to the device due to the owner having the attic full of their personal items.

Auxiliary fan for the blower to whatever it is hooked up to.
Just a guess…Yep!

That’s the thing it goes from the vent to the device, there is no other connections to it. It appears to be drawing air out of the closet and into the attic. Could this be a way of adding ventilation to the attic?

No! You never pull air out of the living space unless properly designed.
Was there a gas water heater and/or furnace in the interior of the home?

No, everything was electric. I have never seen anything like this, I have sent this to builders, tried google, and here with no luck.

Where you at.
You may here many of us gripe about you (and the others) setting your profile correct.Location…Huh!
It can be of extreme difference as to the answers you recieve…

I’m thinkin’ clothes dryer…

Could it be a home made dust collector .

I’m in Charleston, SC.

It’s not for the clothes dryer, that is at the other end of the home. What you see in the picture is the entire device.

Post a photo of the label

That is a fan with a charcoal filter. This should shed some light on it…

I ran into a grow closet the other day.

I’m thinkin’ grow room. :wink:

That’s it, a Carbon Filter Fan!!! Thank you all for your help.


Try this Larry :lol:
grow room filter - Bing

[quote=“mgleeson, post:11, topic:126246”]

That is a fan with a charcoal filter. This should shed some light on it…


Interesting, Dave…thanks. :-k:-k

Click on the “images” tab of the bing search!