Identify pipe type

Hi everyone, I am in the process of completing my 4 mock inspections and I’m having a difficult time identifying a type of pipe. I inspected my in-laws house today and took some photos of the plumbing pipes in the attic. From the pictures it looks like polybutylene pipes but my father in-law said that he had all the copper pipes replaced 10 years ago so that would be after they stopped using polybutylene correct? I can’t seem to find the bow “super flex” anywhere online so I didn’t know if anyone knows if this is in fact polybutylene. The pipe markings aren’t perfectly clear, that’s my fault for not looking for a section with clearer markings.

Non-metallic plumbing.

That’s PB, but it may be abandonded if the home was repiped with copper. A photo a little bit down the pipe would confirm PB-2110.

They had all the original copper pipe replaced because of numerous pin hole leaks(central Florida).

Looks like it is printed with “PB” from here.

PB pipe

Learn to take the time to get good quality photos of numbers or of anything that you may question.
There were numbers below the PB stamp on the pipe.
This will go along way for help here and when you put something in a report.