Identify the Logo

I just got a call from a guy in LA whose trying to identify a CSST picture on my Google listing from 5 years ago. See if any of you can identify the CSST from the logo.


That’s what I thought also but the guy that called said that his Gastite rep disclaimed it. Evidently they need fittings for this pipe that looks the same as pictured. He said there’s no name but it has the same backwards j looking logo.

I just did a Google search of the number stamped on the pipe and came up with Gastite.


I believe this early CSST tubing is Titeflex.


I think you’re right



I put miles of this garbage in went it first came into the United States. I have a 12 inch scar on my forearm where the razor thin stainless steel bit me pretty good one day. 34 staples later in the arm I hate this crap.


Those fittings may be hard to come by. The ones I used to install were imported from Germany.

Thanks for all the input. Looks like they will just have to replace it all with a supported product. Still cheaper than black pipe.