Here's an interior system chump omitting many material FACTS 4.... self gain $$

too many lies to get into now but couple quickies lol

moron talks about DRAINAGE, moron shows image block wall, efflorescence, mold, it leaks… leaks because they ARE exterior corner cracks etc!! PERRRRRRRRRRR…iod!

but the moron continues to yap about… drainage hahahahaa = SCAM, SCCCCCCAM!

4:15 mark video… he claims $40–60 per ft for inside drainage crap, nonsense!!! BS!!!

5:00 mark, he claims exterior cost of 150 linear ft would be $30,000—40,000 hahhaa NONSENSE!!! BS!!!

this is what THEY do, they lie, omit facts etc in order to get your lil head spinning n confused

this little moron has nothing but lies and bullshtt for you, that’s the truth can YOU handle it?

hey little moron in video, come here, lol come spend ONE g dmnn day with us, you’ll learn much more in one friggin day than the sht you’ve been programmed to lie about, ya hear Bubba?

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