Did free health care start on election night or do we have to wait till inauguration?

I didn’t want to pay for health care if we get it for free now. :wink:

yeah that is going to happen but how does this post benefit the home inspection industry ???

Dream on Nick :slight_smile:
…This is not the first time a candidate has promised the masses nationalized health care to buy votes, and likely won’t be the last time.

Just like the promises to reduce our nations independance on foreign oil…that campaign lie has been repeated, over and over, since Jimmy Carter was elected in the 70’s.

…and for us that make less than 250K we have been promised a tax break. Like that will happen.

I am willing to bet you have a pretty good health plan already, unlike many millions of less fortunate folks. Let them eat cake!!!

I could use some repairs to my back.

Please let me know when it is in effect.

Trust me. Canadians have ‘free health care’. It is anything but free. It is anything but timely. It is typical of socialized health care everywhere; slow, expensive, out of date and restrictive.

Better the devil you know . . . . .

If anyone wants to see how free health care operates here in America they need only go to any VA hospital and see how the vets are treated. My brother died waiting for the VA to help him with a problem that was operable but they could never decide to do so until it was no longer treatable due to the progression of the condition. They lost all his records numerous times requiring the entire process to start over from scratch. The operation would have killed him or could have left him with the brain of a radish. That is socialized medicine. Oh yeah, once you get to a certain age they just deny you help cause they figure you don’t have long to live anyway. Good luck with the free health care.

My dad has used private health all his life until a cousin told him to go to the VA hospital. Now that is the only doctors he wants to see because they actually take time to ask him questions to find out what is wrong with him. He does not like to be treated like a number, that is due to a for profit system. Government health care in my opinion is the only way to go.

The free health care system started several years ago. It is going to expand dramatically over the next four years. Yes, you are part of the free health care system.

The system is currently and will continue to be made up of two specific groups. Those of us who pay for the system and those of us who benefit from the system.

Any idea which group you’re in?

Of course one of the bigger benificiaries of the current system is the insurance companies that get paid for doing next to nothing.

I think a simple thing that would help tremedously is if the hospitals were required to give cash customers the same price that they give the lowest paying insurance companies.

I can’t understand why so many don’t see the problems with nationalized healthcare.

  1. If it is perceived that some one else is paying for it, i.e. free, utilization goes up.

  2. As utilization goes up so does the waiting time to get something done due to lack of facilities, doctors or equipment.

  3. When only so much healthcare is available eventually rationing by denial of coverage or extended wait times. There is a reason many from Canada come to the US to receive unreimbursed healthcare.

  4. In Cuba, according to Michael Moore, they have a great free healtcare system. Unfortunately, the place is a rat hole for most of their people

In short there is no free lunch.


just do what a segment of the population already does. When you need care just go to the emergency room and tell them to bill you. When the debt collectors come knocking just pull up stakes, go elsewhere, obtain a new stolen ID and start all over. ;-):wink:

There are TOO MANY stories like this:

"The Los Angeles City Attorney is charging Anthem Blue Cross with deceptive practices and is seeking $1billion in restitution and penalties from the company.

Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said Anthem, formerly Blue Cross of California, **canceled policies and illegally denied claims when policy holders became ill. ** In February, Delgadillo’s office filed a similar suit against Health Net Inc. for illegally canceling health insurance coverage for 1,600 customers.

Delgadillo’s lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court, accuses Anthem Blue Cross of violating laws prohibiting unfair competition and false advertising. He accused the company of canceling 6000 policies - many belonging to elderly people - when the holders became sick. In some case, he said the insurer denied patients with health costs that topped $100,000. “Blue Cross hides from consumers the fact that if the consumer requires an expensive medical procedure, there is a significant likelihood that Blue Cross will cancel their insurance policy,” Delgaldillo said."

I am happy with the Health Insurance I have, it costs me less than $200.00 per month, Dental & Eye and prescriptions are included in my coverage.

My portion of bills is 20%, after my recent problems with my pancreas, a major operation at the Mayo Clinic by some of the finest surgeons in the country, I do not have anything to complain about.

And Health Insurance is tax deductible, and so is a portion of the 20% in which I am responsible for paying.

Hey Dale! Glad to see you back. Hope all is well…

I have some friends who live in Sun Lakes, AZ… They just had some major medical issues and went to the Mayo Clinic. They said Mayo would not accept reduced health insurance payments and they were required to pay privately and then get their insurance to re-imburse them afterwards. Did you have any problems with them accepting your insurance?

NONE what so ever…and this pancreas issue has been ongoing for almost a year now…I have been to the Mayo Clinic many times and never had an issue with billing at all.

I am on the road to recovery now, I feel pretty darn good for having half of my pancreas removed and my Gall Bladder removed on the 20th of last month.

Doing my first inspection next week with Brian Kelly doing some ladder work for me while he does the termite inspection…so all is well…thanks for your concern Will.

the Brian and Dale team back in action…just be careful

47 to 50 million people who work in the US do not have health care. How do you insure them? Force any business to supply the health care, whether you have one employee, or a thousand. That is what is coming, and for us.


Who pays for it?

The businesses. Landscape companies, distributors, warehouses, restaurants, etc. Government has no money. Government will not raise the taxes of the business if they supply the health care. If you do no supply it, they will increase that businesses taxes. That “increase” in taxes will help pay for health care to the people who do not have it. The dems already have a bill with the language ready to go. It will be similar. Very little out of pocket federal money. Those of use who own our own companies and employ ourselves will have to provide health care to us. No more family discounts. All for one, one for all mentallity.