I'll be presenting for ITA's Fast Track course in Denver on February 11, 2009.


I took that course a couple of years ago. Now I get literature from them and the most recent class schedule that I got a week ago says on the front cover that the classes are " Approved by ASHI, NAHI, Minnesota Department of Commerce, and Minnesota Dept of Labor and Industry for inspector continuing education."

Is there a reason they don’t mention NACHI?
When I took the course it seemed that all they talked about was ASHI.
I am very glad I persued the NACHI membership that I have.
Wish I could come to your presentation but it is to far away.

Roy Drangstveit

I actually flew to San Diego a few years ago to help them and while there I predicted that if they didn’t stop their promoting of a consumer-harming known diploma mill that uses a 35-second online application http://www.homeinspector.org/join/application/default.aspx (no requirements other than a valid credit card) that it would eventually harm their school business. I equated it to putting swastikas all over their site and literature. No one wants to attend a school that promotes the harm, and perhaps even the death of consumers. They looked at me like I was nuts or something.

Recently they closed 20 out of their 22 schools.

Oh well :roll:. You can lead a horse to water…