New Video on How to Become a Home Inspector in Illinois

New video on how to become a licensed home inspector in Illinois has been produced.


We have enough home inspectors already.

No one changes careers and decides to open a home inspection business because we created a video explaining how to get certified.

The numbers go up and down with the market.

Yep. Just like pizza shops. There are always about the right number of pizza shops in any area. Supply and demand always reach equilibrium (unless the government sticks its nose into the market).

So how can the 5 inspection events be completed when no inspectors are willing to help you get signed off due to the conflict of interest? No one wants to train their competition…

You have to be willing to call inspectors in other towns, explain you won’t be their competitor ever, and travel to them. I don’t see anything unusual about not wanting to train a future local competitor.

Again though, the government shouldn’t be requiring this of you. They need to stay out of the inspector certification process and leave it to InterNACHI.

I agree! In my personal situation, ive attempted to contact over 50 inspectors throughout the state. The only offer came from a school in springfield offering the lab day only for a $1000.00 fee. I also attempted to contact the instructor in chicago listed on internachis page but have not heard back yet…

Chicago Chapter has many willing to help.
We often take ride alongs.
Contact Will Decker.

You never called me .

Thanks, i did email will,have not heard back yet!

3rd Thursday…Just show up.
Keep i mind this is busy season.

Would invite you tomorrow but going to concert later and need to be fast.

Thanks Bob!

Bob, email me your shipping address

But it sure helps them make a “decision” when you offer pre-licensing courses for Free, and advertise it. Also Illinois doesn’t “certify” home inspectors.

I don’t think so. I don’t think any man comes home, sits down with his wife and says:

"Honey, I had no intention to quit my job and go into the home inspection business. That’s a huge life career change. But then I discovered InterNACHI saves me money on the initial pre-licensing course… so that changes everything. Tomorrow I put in my two weeks notice. Without the InterNACHI discount, I would have stayed with my current employer for the next 30 years."

I got the idea from an add in a This Old House magazine.

But your decision to go into business for yourself or not to… probably didn’t rest on whether or not InterNACHI provided some discount. Going into business for yourself is a huge life decision.

No matter what, there are going to be X number of people leaving our industry and about the same X number entering our industry to replentish them…every year.

Chris when we joined you were never required anything.
Heck you could go to AMP and take the test cold if you wish .

Pretty much education requirements are the same everywhere and I could have saved the $1,800 I spent with Chuck and Cory instructors ] by simply coming here so whats the difference.
Only someone getting in anywho would even notice.

Do not be the crabby old guy.

That’s not true. When I became licensed in 2006 it required a 60 hour course, including 10 hours live classroom, and passing a proctored exam, BEFORE I could apply for the State NHIE exam at AMP.

There has always been pre-licensing requirements, except when grandfathering was allowed at the very beginning.