Illinois vs. Oklahoma.

Funny comparison I came across:

Stats or not Chicago is a great place to live which no outsider will ever understand.
The city is beautiful and much to do that staring at a open field does not.
In 5 minutes I can be swimming, shopping, watching a play, hiking in the woods, seeing a concert, walking through a festival, eating at a high end restaurant, meeting a pretty woman,racing an expressway, biking through a old neighborhood, shopping a high end plaza, enter one of the world’s busiest airports, meet and talk with people from all over the world or simply go downtown and visit navy pier a few nights a week for a firework display, see a play, listen to World class orchestra and hail a cab in minutes to anywhere else.
Dammit life sucks here.
Really makes you wonder why millions of people visit here on vacation instead of Oklahoma. Lol

You forgot to mention our world famous Italian beef’s and Chicago style dogs and my favorite pizza.

Don’t forget…DA BEARS!!!

Yipper and there was millions that voted for Obama and we don’t want them in Okla:shock: ya can have um;-)

I would vote for a guy from Oklahoma if there was anybody there besides you Charlie.

Maybe you should run then we can.

Slogan can be "USA will climb to the top "

The pizza is the best in the world.

I have traveled the world over and the best Pizza I have ever eaten is, believe it or not in Seattle Wa on Pike street

Best Pizza: Vincent’s on the parkway, Pittsburgh, PA.


Barracos in evergreen park, Crestwood, orland park. Started from Nick and Vito’s on Pulaski on south side.