Illinois State Chapter Adopts New Rules

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These Rules, recently adopted by the Illinois State Chapter, are modeled from those as already established by the State for Realtors Continuing Education.

Should an Instructor, for the Home Inspection industry be held to less standards?

Illinois shall continue to maintain and require the highest standards for the continuing education of NACHI Members.

Our future depends on it, and our Members expect nothing less.

Oh, yes. You must start making rules just like Realtors do! That’s the ticket.

By Illinois, I assume you mean the “Illinois State Chapter” as these rules do not apply to anyone else.

The future depends on rooting out those who would spend countless hours devising ways to manipulate rules to serve a personal and political agenda under the guise of service members. Never mind providing that which is wanted and needed.

A growing number of people are aware of what is driving this futile effort of yours. It will save you a lot of trouble and embarrassment if you would just move on before any credibility you may still have is totally gone.

I disagree.

You seem to be of the opinion that a course or lesson not endorsed by your state is of no value to an inspector. This is absurd.

While, for marketing purposes, some may wish to go through the trouble to “dumb down” their presentations so they will be acceptable to your board…I would think that an inspector should be exposed to as much training from as many different sources as possible.

Simply advertise that such-and-such gets state credits or that it doesn’t, but the skills are still there to learn for anyone who can benefit from them.

Maybe we should hear from some “members” of your chapter…

I’d be interested in seeing the poll results of the Illinois NACHI members who weighed in on this edict and “expect nothing less”!

I am sure there has been no such poll and you are sadly mistaken if you think you have a clue of what NACHI members want and need in this area. We both know (and so do plenty of others) exactly why you did this. Sahme on you once again.

Oh wait, I get it, this is another one of you silly jokes. Ha Ha Ha. Your a funny guy, I’m jealous. I wish I had thought of something so funny.

The Illinois State Chapter has no Chapter Members, only a group very dedicated to providing the highest quality accredited education available, to all NACHI Members within the State.

Here are some comments as you requested;

This is the first NACHI Chicago Chapter Meeting to include Illinois State Approved Continuing Education credit. There were 31 attendees, including 2 non-NACHI members, received state CE credit from NACHI.
The course was presented by Cindy Ladage and Patrick Daniels of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency in the first cooperative education project between the State of Illinois and NACHI Chicago. The State is working with NACHI and NACHI Chicago to offer more such courses, with high quality but at low cost to the inspector community. This new partnership will continue to grow, thanks to the work of Pat Bolliger, Chapter Education Chairman and Russ Myers, NACHI National Education Committee Chairman and Illinois State Administrator for NACHI’s state CE license.

( As posted on the Chicago Chapter web site by the Chapter President )

I would also guess the Chapter made a very nice profit on this event. That profit will now be used to promote NACHI and NACHI benefits, and to partially cover expenses for future educational events. Making this chapter “self sufficient”.

or this;

I would like to wish each and everyone a wonderful , warm Merry
Christmas and a most prosperous NEW YEAR!

It’s no easy task to bring home inspectors courses that everyone can
agree on nor can we expect to be everywhere all the time but we are getting
closer and closer to that goal. Helping inspectors in this state with
great choices in education along with getting qualified instructors and
useful topics that benefit
all of us is no easy task , not to mention keeping it cost effective is
certainly no walk in the park either.

So with that,
Thanks to all you guys, and a BIG Thanks to Russ Myers for his countless
hours in administration , finding, editing and submitting materials.

Happy Holidays all!

( Senders name withheld )

As long as we continue to receive comments like these, we will continue our efforts to make the highest quality educational opportunities available to the NACHI Members in this State.

NACHI membership in Illinois continues to grow. I recently saw a post by the Chicago Chapter relating to how many new members the Chapter gains on a monthly basis.

In less than two years, we have turned what was once considered an ASHI stronghold, into a NACHI stronghold. Educational opportunities are and shall remain the key to this success.

It’s hard to throw stones at success.

It may be beneficial to view the goals of the State Chapter posted at to have a better understanding.

So if it has no chapter members and it has no chapter meetings, how then is it even a chapter.

Sounds like an interesting way to try to control things you would otherwise not be able to control and at the same time avoid accountability.

Good luck with that.

Let’s see. the Chicago Chapter is a great success so we should learn about the State Chapter (that has no members or meetings).

We should notice that you are doing some good things, so we should overlook your attempts to control who does and does not instruct!

If you even half understood the meaning true of service, and quit trying to leverage every good thing you do, and every kind things people say, to try to justify such lunacy, life would get a whole lot easier for everyone (in and outside of Illinois).

Russ Myers spends a great deal of time and energy, his own, doing the important, much needed and essential job of administering NACHI’s Illinois State CE license. This is a thankless job and involves a lot of paperwork, and other BS. With our recent course (Chicago Chapter, Radon) he now has to spend his valuable time filling out all the state forms, cross checking names, SSNs, license numbers and all that bureaucratic stuff that the State requires, and doing so within a short, limited time (as required by the State) and sending out the state required certificate to each and every inspector who passed the course and paying the postage and all that other stuff.

A lot of work.

All done on a volunteer basis.

No pay.

But, eveidently, a great deal of s**t to deal with.

Look. Russ and I have had our differences. I am not sure that either of us knows, entirely, what those differences are.


Whatever our differences, we do have a great deal in common.

We both want quality education for all Inspectors in our state, given the legal rules that are in place (and which neither of us set up) and have to be dealt with. We both want our profession to excel and for NACHI inspectors in our state (the old Masters like Russ, and the newer guys like me) to get the best education at the lowest cost.

Used to be, in Illinois, that inspectors (from all associations and even unaffiliated) had to pay over $30.00 per state credit hour for the CE that the state provided. At 12 hours per license period, that was between $350 to $450, every license period to fulfill a state requirement. Now, through Russ’s efforts, and NACHI’s, NACHI members can fulfill the state CE requirements for between $50.00 to $100.00 and non-NACHI members can do so for $200.00. That is quite a savings. It is a savings for all inspectors.

Better courses, where the attendees receive better instruction, and learn more, at a lower cost. Even non-NACHI inspectors save at least $150.00 and receive a better product.

All because people like Russ spend their own time, effort and put their own sweat into the job. Pat Bolliger and Ken Seitz do as well. Members of our Chapter put in their own time, get no pay and (usually) have to take a lot of crap in the process.

Yeah, Jim B., we have a license state and have to jump through a lot of hoops just to be able to legally do business. But, that’s the rules. Give thanks that you, in MO don’t have to. But, you have to remember, we don’t live in MO! You want to criticize us, fine. But what do you do for us? Have you, personally, put in the amount of time and effort that Russ or Ken have?

I think not.

I thank G-d, every night, that our state and its inspectors have guys like Russ and Ken and Pat and Rod R. and Dan L. and Pat K. and all the other inspectors who care and who step up and just plain serve.

If anyone wants to dispute this, name the time and place, and send me the names of your seconds.

Oh, BTW: Merry Christmas.

Celebrate the Birthday of the untimate servent.

Guys -

Last month when Stacey Van Houtan and I drove to Illinois to teach the Manufactured Home Course, we met a really great group of guys that for the most part wanted to learn something & get some CE along the way.

Ken and Russ were great to work with.

Anyone wanting to dispute your post must do…what? :shock:

I think it means that you would have to find one or more people who would also like to dispute what he said or you can take a hike.

In your case you could just go ahead and start puttin’ on your boots.

With all due respect to Russ and every other NACHI member in the great state of Illinois, let me set the record straight.

NACHI is a State approved CE provider. We have an excellent admin in Russ Meyers. No doubt about it. However, NACHI policy as to who may or may not teach on behalf of it, is not in the hands of the Chapters.

Therefore, this policy holds no water.

When someone submits a course for approval in Illininois, the assumption, and reality, is that the course will be taught by its instructor. The instructor is the actual owner, and NACHI has the right to use and promote the course, but with the understanding that it will be taught by the instructor. This goes with the application, and the instructor’s bio (qualifications).

So, once the course is approved, the instructor is approved, and is authorized to teach. If we are NOT submitting courses for approval in this manner, then things need to drastically change.

The NACHI COE is specific that State law trumps NACHI rules. As such, we cannot put obstacles in place which prohibits, in any way, NACHI members from gettng education under our banner.

These new educational instructor rules, in my opinion, are arbitrary. If an instructor meets the States criteria, then that instructor meets NACHIs. Period, end of report.

“Write a policy which basically says that if a member wants to pay to hear from someone, they can. In other words a policy which says there is not policy”.

“Every man is my superior in that I may learn from him”

Nick Gromicko
Founder, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors,
Executive Director, Master Inspector Certification Board,
Executive Director, International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants,
Author, Sell Your Home For More,
President, Reports, Inc,
Founder, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors,

I do believe we have accomplished this request, as I can not imagine who these “Rules” would restrict.


Everything you have stated is correct except for one thing

“This goes with the application, and the instructor’s bio (qualifications)”.

The loosely written Illinois Home Inspectors Rules and Regulations, do not require a bio of the Instructor.

Well said Russ, ignore the negative criticism and keep up the good work. Your brothers in Illinois appreciate all your hard work and efforts that help us excell above the rest in this region.

I, whole heartedly, support this.

That is what we are tyring to do. We have been working on it for the better part of 2 years.

2 home grown courses, three (I believe) approved from national NACHI inspectors. More on the way. One, with another one on the way from partnership with the state (I believe, Russ is busy running his own company and helping other inspectors in the state and doing all the work for administering the state CE license for NACHI, so he does not always have time to keep every one informed) plus a course I am working on with regards to Thermal Imaging and another one in the works (How to run a Home Inspection Business).

This is a lot of work.

Plus, working to get other courses, from NACHI national approved.

So much work and only one CMI doing it.

Maybe some others could help?

In other words, what is needed is more help and less criticism.

There are many NACHI inspectors in Illinois who have the experience, knowledge and time to write courses. I have offered to help, if I can. We have guys who know and are experienced in:

  • How to calculate reserves for Condo Associations.
  • How to inspect (commercial) when a contractor is about to turn over a condo development to a condo association.
  • Commercial inspections in general (No requirements, in Illinois, for such inspections).
  • Rental properly inspections.
  • There are a couple of really good, former General Contractors, in our Chapter, who could write courses on how to do phase inspections, how to do inspections for GCs who are building on tear downs, and how to do (and add value) to draw inspections.
  • How to market.
  • How to start, run and make successful a new HI company.
  • How to market and do maintenance inspections.
  • How to offer, as a marketing tool, during the slow seasons, Home safety inspections, heating and water heater safety inspections (since most people don’t take the time to have their furnace and water heater checked before heatin season).
  • How to partner with mortage companies, RE lawyers and Chambers of Commerce, to improve public safety and improve marketing visability.
    And many more.

As I have said before, if every NACHI member were to put in 5 hours during this traditionally slow time (between Thanksgiving and New Years) doing something to futher the Association, that would be 5 X 9200 = 46,000 man hours of effort.

This is a considerable force, wouldn’t you say?

Hope this helps;

Thank you Gentlemen.

Working together we can provide much for the Association, and the ever growing number of members in Illinois.

My point in all of this is that NACHI is the education provider, and NACHI decides who is, and who is not qualified to instruct.

These rules are not necessary, and in my opinion, are not enforceable by the chapter.

The state decides what flys, and NACHI goes with the flow. That’s all I am saying, here. I dont know why these rules were crafted. NCT is deemed qualified by NACHI, as is ProLabs (as examples). While they may sometimes coordinate events with chapters, they are not obligated to. They are also not controlled by anyone. The rules written by Russ, while nicely worded, can simply be ignored by any NACHI education provider.

Read what Nick recently wrote in the Canadian thread about approving schools, instructors, and courses. Writing a policy of no policy means that no group has control.