I'm over here now..

come over and be ugly where the public can see you.

Mr Lott,

Why do you thrive on inviting a fight, defending yourself, and then
stewing in the feelings that you are being abused?

Can you relax… be cool… let it go… enjoy life…?

I like you. Can I be your friend?

Do you notice that most adults… don’t carry yesterdays
feelings over into the next day. It’s like poison, let it go.

Have you got some good news for us today?
Be positive…

Please don’t invite people to abuse you… this is the
wrong place to do that. Can I say this without hurting
your feelings? Grow up and stop taking everything so

I feel like your about to go “postal” on us… I am
concerned about you Buddy. Call me if you feel
like you need to talk.


Don’t be “mad at the world” if everything isn’t perfect in your life. Been there done that. It will eat you alive. :cool:

You want to be my friend, then stop your insane accusations that I’m in with ashi, because I showed interest in Nicks background, I came over here so you people can make fools of yourselves in public. You started the crap yesterday by saying I was being influenced by Scott Patterson. You are real 2 faced John

I was concerned for you, thats all. Scott was trying to influence you
and if he did not succeed, then good for you. I’m proud of you.

He has influenced others and I am glad to see that you could
see through it and find the truth in spite of his efforts. BRAVO.

I never said you were in with ASHI… that thought never crossed
my mind.

O. K. I can accept that, but you need to go back and tell the rest of the posters on that thread, becaused they used your post that against me, and I’m not putting up with any more abuse, if they want to continue, they can do so in public. I’m not even close to going postal. You let someone call you every 10 minutes John, if that does not bother you then you are a better man than me. Cell minutes are expensive. ken

Hey, Ken doesn’t need to be the focus of everyone’s animosity and criticisms. That’s MY job!

Ken - a bit of advice. I’ve had to learn the hard way that there are six types of people using this board. As follows:

  1. Passive users - They don’t post much. They just watch.
  2. Active Nuetrals - They post, but they don’t get involved in the negativity.
  3. **Guardians **- They feel the need to correct what they don’t like because they assume others won’t like it either. They are usually harmless and are annoying only because they talk to other posters like they are children. If you just say, “Okay, got it” to whatever they post, you will usually end up unscathed. Their intentions are good.
  4. **Bullies **- Often, these folks start out as Guardians, but where they differ is that they make immediate attempts to insult or defame without any further considerations. Usually these people feel as though they are “losing” something as your posts threaten them in some manner.
  5. Chimers (aka, Cheerleaders) - These types swing both ways, meaning, they can cheerlead the bullies by adding supportive insults thus causing further damage, or they can cheerlead by posting positive, considerate and congratulatory posts.

Unfortunately, nobody is who they “really are” on a message board because we’re living in the ether and are constantly influenced by our need for recognition (positive or negative influences) or fear of being attacked. Imagine how many more poster (other than we 30 or so) there would be if people weren’t so afraid of having their thoughts and ideas demeaned. As I’ve said before, and as I’ve been told by other NACHI inspectors, few truly brilliant people want to post ideas to this BB because they don’t want to engage the Guardians or Bullies.

Here’s a good quotation to remember (and it’s been said on this board many times in various ways):

In other words, it helps to understand the nature of your environment. This board is little different than life itself (in mannerisms and practical elements). You have very few “enemies” here because NOBODY would be here if they didn’t all believe in the worthiness of NACHI as an association. You are among your garrision. Treat it as such - your garrison.

When the captain of the guards slaps you down, it is because he (or she) is teaching you to keep your guard up. The easiest thing for “newbies” to do is to assume that they are being “attacked” by one of their own. Most of the time, this is not the case. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t defend yourself from the real bullies, but even I have learned that I don’t always have to “be right”.

Still, let me end it with this before I end up writing another novel (!). Be yourself, but accept the consequences of your actions here. When those consequences occur in whatever shape or form, hold your chin up. People want to stand with giants. Be one. I am humbly working on it myself.



Based on the evidence presented this far it is obvious that kenny is not who he purports to be so don’t let him snow you.

The only conclusion I can come up with is

  1. Complete nut job
    *]A $hit-disruptor from another organization
    Time will tell.

quote" You want to be my friend, then stop your insane accusations that I’m in with ashi, because I showed interest in Nicks background, I came over here so you people can make fools of yourselves in public. You started the crap yesterday by saying I was being influenced by Scott Patterson. You are real 2 faced John. "quote

There only appears to be one fool in the mix over and over and over again. Mr. Lot you have been added to yet another ignore list. :smiley:

It’s a junk… Ken and the whole Lott:D

It’s all junk… Ken and the whole Lott:D

Let’s all play a game of “Poor Ken” What a joke, such a drama queen. Meanwhile I have reports to write and appointments to make. Ta Ta From Tennessee …


Being one who is experienced at getting beaten with the NACHI insult stick, I must intercede. If Mr. Lott is truly a “nut job” or “insane”, then why would any of you ever insist on pushing his buttons? People with such a condition have been known to harm themselves or others, so do any of you really want to perpetuate a potentially disasterous scenario? Maybe Mr. Lott also wants to be in the news as he persists on seeking attention here.

On the other hand, Mr. Lott may be completely sane. Perhaps he is just “needy” and desires attention no matter how it is delivered to him or derived from someone.

Then again, Mr. Lott may simply have asked a good question in the wrong way, and all that needed to happen was to for someone with answers to his question to share that knowledge through a private message.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lott seems to always end up in a bind on this board much like the guy who says, “What does this button do?” and sinks a ship. I, for one, do not think Mr. Lott has any foul intentions, but he is certainly a unique personality who displays a sensitive nature when attacked - as we all do when we don’t understand why we are attacked and ridiculed.

I don’t hold fault against him for feeling the way he does (defensive) as “thick skin” is developed through callous-causing labour. If he chooses to labour on this message board until we all “thicken his skin”, then that is his choice. But, it is also your choice to determine the most responsible words to post that don’t reminise of 8th grade, or worse, simple verbal abuse.

Chivalry and Honor are not exclusive to anyone. You don’t have to like Mr. Lott (or me for that matter), but be responsible men and women here. If you are going to “correct” Mr. Lott, please don’t make yourselves look less-than-professional when doing so because you, in turn, are announcing that you are no better (if not worse) than he.

He only asked a question that, as a paying member who entrusts his reputation with this organization and its leaders, had the right to ask. Granted, he probably should have asked before getting here, but hey, we all make mistakes.



I am well-aware that I am the pot calling the kettle black, but promoting a positive change is a good thing. It’s been shoved down MY throat by members. Perhaps we should ALL heed our our advice.



I hear you, thing is we have all witnessed kenny’s antics, he screws up, the seeks forgiveness, then screws up once again, a pattern had obviously emerged and one can’t predict what he will do next.

We here at NACHI have been on the defensive since our inception and have become quite pragmatic in our approach. That which works we keep, things that are broken get $hitcaned, it ain’t pretty, it ain’t fair it is… just what is.

kenny will need to provide a little value-added contribution to the organization or seek happiness elsewhere. At NACHI we all like to laugh and have a fairly heightened sense of humor, making us laugh once in a while might be a good way for him to atone and gain trust.

Just a thought, your mileage may vary. :smiley:


On a different thread I said that you have issues I now take that back I’m sorry!!

I now feel that you are a complete fcuking MORON!!! GROW UP. Find a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife… something to keep you occupied and someone that will put up with your crap.

You are being kind Robert.

What a pathetic mass of humanity! Folks that never faced actual adversity posing so worldly. Ah, the downtrodden.


Another episode of " As the NACHI World Turns"

Funny, I missed a couple of episodes, but I watch one and I am caught up again :slight_smile:

Yeah, well you could always hang out on the other HI boards where never was heard a discouraging word, kinda like watching paint dry. :mrgreen:

Nah, the sounds of the crickets drive me nut’s… :mrgreen: