Impact door - please advise

Hi all
I just wanted to verify if the glazed door is impact rated or not. I have attached an image of the etchings on the glass.
There are no labels on the door itself. The customer just had them installed and painted. I looked at the glass and can only see the etchings on it but it appears to just be tempered glass.
Please let me know your thoughts.

From the How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections Course
"If a label shows the window was tested under Miami-Dade Tests PA-201, 202 and 203, then this window was tested for impact, pressure, and pressure cycling. It is, therefore, an impact-rated unit that does not require the use of a shutter product in the Windborne Debris Region.

If a label shows that the window was tested under Miami-Dade Test PA-202, then this window was only pressure-tested, and while approved by Miami-Dade County, the approval documents would say that an impact-rated covering must be installed to meet the building code requirements."

I appreciate the help Roy but I am a little confused with your reply.
Does the window need to have PA-201, 202 and 203 on it for impact rating. If there is only PA-202 does that mean it is NOT impact as it needs to have all 3 markings?
Also I don’t see it on this etching, so I am assuming it is only tempered ?

No label, no rating. Without a data plate, you’ll need solid proof of what’s installed.

What he said.

Thanks - that is what I thought but just wanted to make sure.
Not sure if any of you have ever used this website - I used it once before to verify impact glass but could not do it in this case so wanted to check with all of you.