Impact Rated Door or Not?

With so much conflicting information out there on Google and other forums I want to ask this group how this door would affect a wind mitigation? All other openings have qualified shutter systems and the solid garage door is labeled as ‘impact’

If the door is rated (listed and tested) it will have a stamp or sticker.

That etching is for the glazing.

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Care to elaborate?
Would the glazing be impact and what gives you that determination?
Being a Therma Tru door of this age I would be under the impression the frame and slab are impact rated.

All Large Missile Impact rated glass products are manufactured with laminated glass. Laminated
glass is manufactured by sandwiching a inner layer of polyvinylbutyral (PVB) between
two layers of glass under heat and pressure to create a single construction. Products constructed
of laminated glass with a 0.090 inch PVB interlayer have demonstrated compliance
with Miami-Dade County’s Large Missile Impact testing criteria. Windows and Sliding glass
doors constructed with MDCA laminated glass are considered impact rated.

Logos that describe tempered glass are not considered impact rated.

With that being said, many Impact Rated Doors have multiple panes of glass in them (seems the Exterior Pane is always/usually a Tempered Pane…has to do with Energy Codes I believe). You have to check the Interior Pane to verify. The Door Frame part of the System rarely if ever gets kicked back if you can verify the Glazing is Impact/Laminated


If you tap on the glass and it doesnt sound like a windshield (very dense when tapped on), you can stop your investigation. It wont be impact.

But as Matt said, you may have one side impact and one side not.

Next time open the door and look at the label, it should be on the hinge side hidden in the jamb. My door was manufactured in 1987 and the label is still on it.