Impact rated windows and doors in florida

I am having a hard time identifying impact rated windows and doors. The marking in the bottom corner is usually faded; the gold sticker AAMA certification program doesn’t show the impact rating. The insurance companies want proof to verify or they will not write the home owners insurance in Florida. Does any have a suggestion?

I require the homeowner provide proof if I cannot tell by markings or stickers on them. The underwriters are really busting chops. Steer them to the product manufacturers or the builder for a product approval letter which will tell the impact rating if the product has been tested. Many times entry doors are not impact tested and garage doors have only been tested for wind. Sometimes garage doors will have a product approval number on them that you can look up online. Remember it is your license on the line and you should try to verify everything that goes on the form. Good Luck.

Please ammend your info to include your’e location. This has always been a problem, If it hasn’t got labelling to prove it to be dade co. approved then it shouldn’t be given credit. The insurance company may choose not to write a policy or simply charge more for it.

Miami Dade approved or FBC Impact tested paperwork is the best way. They should have with the permit for install. They could get it from the building dept if they are having a hard time with the installer.

Holding a laser or lighter up to the glass will reveal the layers most times.

One or two layers is single pane
two or four layers is insulated
three or six is usually impact

Hope that helps