Impact windows

Had a high end home the same way. Some confusion along the way caused the owners to believe they had impact windows. My inspection revealed different and put it on the client to prove otherwise. She called her contractor and he told her over the phone they opted for non impact because it was 50,000 cheaper. There you go:mrgreen:

Has anybody come across new impact windows made by Atlantic in Dunedin? These windows were not tested for approval. Each job is signed off by an engineer (rubber stamps them) as a “local” product approval. Gets by AHJ but I really have a problem with selecting A for these. Any comments?

Why do you have a problem if they were not approved. If they were not tested and the NOA says they should be impact rated, recommend replacement and give them no credits. What is so hard about that>

All the ones that I have read require all 6 sides be sealed…but it doesn’t seem like protecting the sticker would be that hard.:slight_smile:

I guess you read my post too fast. There is no statewide FL approval for these windows, and definitely not a NOA. They are approved locally at each installation site by an engineer, but he doesn’t actually inspect the install, just submits the stamped docs with an address on it. Permits are pulled as impact and AHJ signs off. I always use permits for verification if pulled, but with these windows, I don’t know.

If a wind mit has not been ordered with the home inspection we use this disclosure:

*VERIFICATION: Verifying that hurricane protection meets or exceeds any standards for mitigating credits on insurance policies is beyond the scope of a normal home inspection. If you have ordered or are thinking of ordering or have paid for a wind mitigation inspection as part of this home inspection we will address those issues with you. Please all our office to discuss our findings prior to ordering the wind mitigation inspection. *

The glass companies need to make etching easier to photograph. anyone have any good ideas for the shot. I am thinking about getting black for most cases post it’s to pit on other side to make the shot look better. now I put my ruler next to it to get it to focus. Manual focus would work but I do not know how to use mine if it has it :frowning: I take those shots BUT kleep them for my records and DO NOT include in reports. Never been asked to and I do not think you all should start. take the shots and keep them for yourselves. If ya don’t next form will require it for something stupid like every window.

Do you even know how to read the etching. Just having an etching means nothing if you cannot decipher it.

Exactly. Most modern glass has an etching, whether it’s impact rated, laminated safety glass (storefront), or just tempered, you need to know what all the different etchings mean. Better yet, just skip the etching photo and try to find the proper documentation, i.e. rating sticker with approvals or permitting docs.

Rating stickers and permit docs mean nothing unless you can read the etching. That is the whole point I have been trying to make with this post. The house I just did had all the proper permits with NOA present on the table. The engineer, the GC, the building inspector, and the wind mitigation inspector all passed this house with having impact windows. The windows were NOT impact rated. Seller is pissed and someone is going to pay.

BS. It’s the rating sticker on the frame that verifies an impact window or door. The etching only verifies the glass, if you can even see it. Sometimes it is not even present on units approved outside the HVHZ.

Care to post the etchings you are talking about, and did you look at both sides of the window?.

I am only talking about the glass. It the etching says its not impact, then guess what, its not impact . The door or window may be an impact rated door, but what good does that do without impact rated glass??? If you cannot match it to the NOA how do you know it is correct. Because they said so. And what about the person who walks around with the rating stickers and puts them on the doors or windows as proof of impact rating. Case in point is the house I just cited earlier in this thread.

Cant post pictures I am a non member (and will not become one)

Just a quick note on labels…I have used rubbing alcohol to take the paint off the labels

That does not mean the sticker should be painted over.

Common sense is not so common

It also says on the label, “Do not paint this label”.

Like painters or wives are going to read that ??? No offense intended to wives they just think they are ugly and want them covered or removed. Many cases I have been on where wife went around removing all kinds of stickers :frowning:

I do think it would be nice if they STOPPED making them mirror reflective that is just the worse to read and photograph. I guess maybe it makes it easier for the HOMEOWNER to remove the paint once the error is noticed.

I am curious, Is it a requirement to get a wind mitigation report done by a home inspector if new impact windows are installed, for insurance purposes?

It is up to the insurance company.