Important information for ALL Home Inspectors

Any Home Inspectors involved with releasing client data to ANY third party for ANY reason should be aware of what is currently happening.

A simple Google search revealed these stories & I have posted just a few here for everyone to read.

Please note that these articles are from 2013.

Hunreds of complaints about alarm system telemarketing calls

BBB Warns Seniors of Deceptive Telemarketing Calls Offering Free Medical Alert Devices

New Telemarketing Scams Try to “Alarm” Seniors

Boynton Beach telemarketers fined thousands for Do Not Call violations

Watch out for these senior scams

Better Business Bureau reports Medical Alert Scam Targets Middle Tennessee Seniors Citizens

Consumer Alert: Fraudulent Telemarketing Calls For Medical Alert Systems Target Senior Citizens


Nationwide telemarketing scam targeting seniors

Wave of telemarketing scams target seniors

N.C. AG tells consumers not to fall for security system sales pitch

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Good post, Kevin.

I can share that there have been more than one news media monitoring certain threads on this message board and expressing dismay at home inspectors who brag of “building their businesses”, buying “hot” new cars etc. as a result of their assistance to alarm systems companies.

This is the catalyst behind the Client Fidelity Pledge that will allow inspectors who do NOT participate in these activities to set themselves apart from those who do.

More to come. :wink:

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Good for you for taking the high road Nathan.

I have a couple of questions for you.

  1. Do you own the security system company that installs the alarm systems in your alarm leads program?

  2. If yes, is that the only company that installs alarm systems or do you use other companies as well?

I understand if you don’t want to answer this question as it is your business, but, for the sake of transparency -----:smiley:
I’ll also post these for Nick to ask you when you do your infomercial.


I find it very disturbing that InterNACHI and it’s message board have been hijacked and transformed into a Gypsy bazaar for the purpose of hawking 3rd-party gimmicks & alarm system sales to unsuspecting homebuyers. Where is the leadership in regards to this blatant breach of public trust.

Furthermore, do you see any other options for home inspectors who want to separate themselves from the apparent conflict of interest being associated with those who both sell & profit from the act of collecting private data from potential homebuyers?

Regards, Joe.

On any other message board this would be flagged as spam and dealt with accordingly.

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I have Nordic Trak for sale. cheep

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Save it for Nick.

How much for the bread making machine? Nothing better than the smell of bread baking in the home.

My son’s a huge basketball fan but I know nothing about brass pins.

This is like couch potato garage sales. Anyone have any golf clubs for sale?

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The Oklahoma Thunder and he was born in 1996 so probably not:D

Hey everyone, Nathan wrote this today in another thread.

Originally Posted by nthornberry
*You can repeat yourself as often as you’d like Jim!

Your statement is off, with the exception of Program E that violates the pledge. Most everyone involved in our programs delivers products and services to their clients*

And there we have the truth finally.


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Thanks I truly appreciate the kind words. Since you mentioned it, I do ty to do what I can especially now with my health issues.

To morrow (Sunday) Maryland Home Inspection Services is performing a Radon Test and Mold Test for a Early Learning Center in Maryland. The entire project is being donated by me as I try to do what I can when I can.


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Yes, I do, Joe.

Inspectors who want to set themselves apart should sign the Client Fidelity Pledge and promote the fact that they did in their respective markets.

To be perfectly clear and to avoid confusion from any misleading and misrepresentations made to the contrary … any inspector who is providing Thornberry with his clients contact information in exchange for discounts, products, services or cash … could, and probably would, be committing an act of fraud if he signed and promoted the Client Fidelity Pledge.

Those who are involved in providing him or other alarm systems salesmen with their clients’ contact information should NOT take this pledge.

In spite of any assurances that are provided by anyone who did not write it and has nothing to do with it … inspectors need to be FULLY aware that the Client Fidelity Pledge is a written promise to his client that he is NOT getting ANYTHING AT ALL from Thornberry (or others) in return for his private information.

To make this written promise and accompanying acknowledgements if you are providing Thornberry with your clients contact information in exchange for free or discounted products or services would be false advertising and could get you in trouble. Do NOT take the Client Fidelity Pledge if you are contracted or otherwise engaging in this type of activity with Thornberry or any other alarm systems salesman.

If you or any other inspector should have any specific question in this regard, feel free to email me or Joe Farsetta.

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