Important Question To All

Great idea to ponder Nick. Some Joe is surfing porn in the wee hours of the night and hits one of those pop-up infested sites. Among the litter of soft, hard and flat out bizarre porn sites is my site with the header saying “Let me inspect more than just your house…”. Brilliant guerrila marketing!

You aren’t making much sense.

I know, that is the problem.

But seeing as I control a larger portion of the web than Microsoft does, getting QUALITY traffic, the very kind that leads to #3… is something I know about… I just have trouble explaining.

Put it this way, I have never received a call from a nachi site in a year.

You can talk about the word Certified as a good keyword till your blue in the face, I know better.

Nonsense. What software are you using to track where your hits are originating from?

Dale, I just checked. Your site isn’t even ranked so NO one is coming to your site directly no matter what they type (unless they accidentally type your URL perfectly), which means EVERY hit you get is coming from a major site (one that gets lots of traffic) that has your site listed on it. What major sites are you listed on?

List for us the main sites that are sending traffic to your site and how you are counting the hits from each.

I track Every Call by asking the person calling, tell me where you found me and I take $25.00 off the cost of the inspection.

After I include that deduction in the cost I give them.


People think really, really hard to save $25.00…or so they think their saving.

Go to google and type in “Scottsdale Home Inspection" or "Phoenix Commercial Inspections

Well there you have it! You don’t know where your traffic is coming from! Jeese! How do you think they got to your buried little unranked site in the first place!

Next time your wife is on a site (not a major site, but one she ended up on surfing). Stop her. Ask her how she got there and from what site.

She’ll have no clue and you just admitted that you don’t know where your traffic comes from. Get your webmaster to tell you. I just checked all the sites that link to yours and you might want to as well.

Since I have the top three websites in Google “Phoenix Commercial Inspections”…nuff said.

I get more phone calls than work I could possibly do.

I won’t argue with you about the city. As I said from my first post in this thread, city is very important.

I “yahooed” “Certified home inspectors in scottsdale” and Dale your site showed up the #2 site. I “yahooed” “home inspectors in scottsdale” and your site showed up #4

Off topic. We aren’t asking how to get more phone calls, or your ranking on Google search result page when someone types in your exact city, or if you have more work than you can handle and should raise prices, though. Those are important questions but not the topic of this thread.

You’d argue if I said Black, you’d say purple.

All I know is I make a six figure income and it all comes from my three websites, referrals, and repeat customers, not from nachi.

Dale, congrats on getting so many hits, that’s awesome and I love to hear how everyone does it. My site is new so I’ll take all the help I can get!

Its a worthless keyword (certified), I don’t dwell using it, absolutely worthless.

I just enjoy reading everyone’s posts to learn and gather new information. Very interesting thread and topic.

John’s question… the topic of this thread… is (put another way)… what to do to attract visitors (not in numbers) but visitors who are most likely to be convertable (likely to call you from your website and buy your services).

That is a very different question than google rank position when someone types in your city.

Anyway, unless the backend of your website tells you what site each visitor arrived at your door FROM… you can’t offer any data to help answer John’s question.

Again Dale, you could make 100 million from referrals and repeat customers, but that is worthless information toward answering John’s question the topic of this thread.