Improper bonding

Saw this on yesterday’s inspection. Thought you might like it.


I thought it was a six wrap minimum to meet code.


Definitely call it out for lack of sufficient electrical tape.

Improper BONDING! Grounding doesn’t occur till you get to the dirt (earth).


From today.

Just out of curiosity what did the rest of this mess look like?

Yeah, that’s what I said…

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That’s the exterior main and the two subs/remotes in the basement.

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So it looks like they first tried to tape it in place, and realized, nope, that’s not working, so then they stapled the tape to the wall, and for good measure, waterproofing, and just in case, they caulked it. LOL


WOW, it’s amazing that this place hasn’t burnt to the ground yet. The entire thing needs to be redone. How did you manage to write this up?

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That’s an Uncle Bubba installation. He know all about “lectrik”


Sweet Jesus!! That’s definitely one for “based upon the overall condition of the electrical system work was not performed by a licensed electrical contractor. It is highly recommended a licensed electrical contractor evaluate current installations and correct defects to prevent potential fire/injury prior to occupying the home”.

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That’s six hand movements wrapping strand AL to solid copper bonding conductors.
Come on now. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes.

PS: I forgot to ask, is that anything like, 230.71, commonly referred to as the “six-handle rule? Never seen 3 sets of hands working in a panel at once. OSHA rule me thinks :thinking:

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