The Elite Group & Internachi partnering to offer free seller inspections!

The Elite Group has not completely wrapped our heads around the Free listing inspections, but we’ve agreed to beta test this program here in CA. We support it and will give it a try. Nick has always been a great leader for our industry and we trust him. Wish us Luck!

Thanks Chad.

Chad’s Elite Group is the largest inspection company in the world employing nearly 100 staff members and home inspectors.

Well here we go. This is going to be interesting.

Our system will put an end to these issues:

Best of luck to you guys…

Well this thread died.

Why Elite? Why do they get the advantage to bring this to the market place first over all the other members in the area?

No one is opposed to the program.

It’s just one of those programs at InterNACHI that everyone who gets their head around (and this one is a bit complex, I admit)… simply loves. It’s going to dramatically infuse additional inspections into our industry while also helping fee structures to increase (for everyone).

Staff analyzed voiced objections (as they do with everything) and only 35 inspectors out of nearly 21,000 members said they don’t like the program. Some were non-members (ASHI buffoons) and the rest either couldn’t articulate why they didn’t like it, or based their objections on totally false rumors… leaving zero members opposed to it. It’s probably our most popular program and it doesn’t even launch till next year.

This is exactly why I asked:

And got the answer:

Yet, here we are.

Nope. Did push out one-man shops? Did push out one-man shops?

So you want to do it too?

Not everyone offers BB. But that’s another conversation.

And just saying

But my point is that the multi-inspector firms didn’t use the Buy Back program to push out the one-man shops. If anything, the program did the reverse. One-man inspection companies used to instantly take entire real estate offices away from some larger companies that dominated those offices for years.

And your entire argument is just making my point. Inspectors are fighting over the same home inspections. This new program makes the pie bigger for everyone by adding additional inspections that our industry now has to do. Anyone against it is your enemy or an ASHI buffoon.

If I had a 100 employees and this thing worked, I’d be starting my own program.

That’s the idea. Once we help you get going, it’s all yours. It’s not patented.

I figured. Personally, I’m opinion free on the program. There isn’t enough information or testing done yet to form one. I see the potential. I appreciate the forward thinking you have regarding the industry as a whole. Internachi has more than helped me make my business what it is today. I have some more questions I’ll put up on the other thread.

So in this “Partnership” Nick has just given the portion of my business the is “Pre-Listing” Seller inspections to Elite. Nick, I have always been a proponent of you and InterNACHI so please tell me how this helps grow my business???

I never heard of them myself until now so I went to check them out. I see they use a bunch of widgets to sell themselves like some useless warranties etc… So I am guessing with all those inspections they do they release a ton of private client information to some 3rd party vendors ? Not very impressed by that type of business model personally, but hey, since we Never sell or release our clients private information, ( A NACHI COE Violation last time I looked) what do I know about ethics.


You get a full-price pre-listing inspection, one with zero liability since InterNACHI is your client on that one. Then you get a shot at getting the inspection on the home the seller is moving to. Then you possibly get repair-verification inspections. Then you get the leads from all the homebuyers who download your report but don’t buy the home, but who are about to hire a home inspector in your local market. Then you get to give your agent those hot real estate leads. And then she’ll likely want to do it with you all over again on another listing. How couldn’t this be good for your business?