In 2018 InterNACHI will be offering all of N. America free home inspections forever.


At a minimum, it wouldn’t be needed to pay your defense costs should your client sue you because InterNACHI would never sue you. Your insurance company should be pretty happy with this program and if yours isn’t, click on this link: . We’ll insure you.

Nothing yet, but if I can get Porch to sweeten the incentives on any side of this so that we generate more inspections, I’m going to try to do that.

I didn’t “need” to. I wanted to. I’m one of the owners of Porch, why wouldn’t I try to leverage my ownership in Porch to try to get us more inspections? Any ideas on how we could use them?

Given all the bad feeling over Porch buying into ISN, I’d say keep Porch as far away from this as possible.

After, that’s why you said you bought into Porch, to protect members from them being involved in our business.

There is zero reason to involve Porch in any of this.

I admit we only tried this at one auction and we got 130 downloads. I think the product is great for foreclosures, auctions, high-end homes, and deals with out-of-town buyers who take an interest in a property, but don’t want to buy a plane ticket before learning more.

You’ve played football. An inch can decide the outcome of a game. What if the leverage from my small ownership position in Porch is the difference between the program failing and the program infusing 500,000 additional inspections a year into our profession? I can’t worry about hurt feelings when members are trying to put food on the table for their families.

It’s becoming more clear.

I don’t “need” to talk to anyone. I want to.

Not counting ancillary inspections which more than doubles this number, InterNACHI members perform 11,000 general home inspections a day. More like 25,000 a day if you add in ancillary and insurance inspections. That’s 25,000 inspections every day!

I’m talking to Home Depot, Coldwell Banker, Owens Corning, RE/MAX, Zillow, DOE, and NAR too. No one fails to return my call.

If I can do something to help members, I’m going to do it. Look at my long history in the industry.

Not so much to me, yet, so let me know if you see a play I’m not seeing. I’ll take all the help with this chess game that I can get.

InterNACHI and Porch ? :wink:

Hey home boy. You have even less than that. There are more inspectors now since those figures were computed. :mrgreen:

You bought into porch, so you claimed, over said hurt feelings to protect members.

Now you’re going to throw all that goodwill away?

You’re contradicting yourself.

ISN users made it clear they wanted nothing to do with Porch. Non-ISN user members on this board made it clear they wanted nothing to do with Porch.

Did you not learn anything from that whole fiasco?

That doesn’t matter in this matter I don’t believe.

Nick moved his residence to Florida earlier this year. He most likely still has a home here but it is no longer his primary residence.

There is plenty of work here in Colorado. I would assume you are busy???

Jeffrey is a lot sharper than what you might be assuming. But, I will let him handle that.

I would say the motivation is jealousy. LOL.

Do you have a link?

It was an in email, not a post.

All those numbers were bullsh*t when Nick dreamed them up. I commented in that original thread ‘why’, but all seemed to ignore the facts. The numbers posted by Nick are total state population and INTERNACHI ONLY members. They DO NOT include any NON-INTERNACHI inspectors. MN is an ASHI/NAHI state with many IHINA members. Those numbers were conveniently left out of Nicks equation. The gullible Nick brown-nose crew just gets more and more blind. Proof being this ‘program’ that is being ‘delivered’ to members! Open your eyes people!!

No. Buying a piece of Porch only increased the goodwill I have with members. Inspectors didn’t like when ISN got bought out, but found it awesome when I then bought a piece of porch. I think it’s awesome too. :wink:

Yes, I learned that what I did many years ago, setting up InterNACHI’s legal structure without issuing stock so that it can never be owned by anyone was a good move. Since no one can own InterNACHI, no one can ever buy out InterNACHI. And since it can’t be bought it can’t ever be sold. InterNACHI was set up to last 1,000 years.

Well no wonder I didn’t get it. We are not friends. He has me blocked on facebook. How was lunch with him last week? :mrgreen::roll::shock::wink:

Thanks for the reply Nick.
Just one follow up question, you said “I’m open to adding more factors to the calculator if you think they are useful.”
So does this mean the calculator must be used, or will you trust me not to gouge NACHI in my pricing?

We have our order form with the fee breakdown. If you like I can send you a recent quote to illustrate our pricing. In fact i’ll do it now. Look for it in your email. I’ll also send you a link to our fees page on our website.

I created my own calculator with many factors but it proved to be unreliable due the great number of variables I consider when pricing.

In a nutshell, because they take a good amount of time to inspect, a 3-5000 sqft $2-5 mil homes with 4-6 bathrooms and other plumbing fixtures, AC system etc. get charged a premium as do homes that are junk, have separate (often illegal) living areas, duplicate components or generally appear to be a PITA.

We have a base fee but then I go from there. We do a detailed inspection and report and I spend as much time as it takes researching a property in order to get an accurate fair price. I usually get pretty close in regards to how much time we will have in it.


They were left out of our numbers in every state though. And ASHI, NAHI, and IHINA were left out because there just aren’t many of them left. NAHI is out of business, I don’t even know what IHINA is, and ASHI has very few members that aren’t also InterNACHI. When compared to our nearly 21,000 members: they are an InterNACHI rounding error at most. Irrelevant in that they haven’t done anything for this profession. Buffoons still blabbing on about something they did in 1976 or some nonsense. 1976? I was 14 years old!

How inept do you have to be to have a 25-year head start on InterNACHI and lose that race? The ASHI logo = Buffoon.