Radon Gas Testing, Some of You Laughed

** [size=3]I talked about a Public Awareness campaign I was doing, and was told by some here including that Nathan Thornberry guy and even Nick that it could never work.That was the exact response I expected from anyone who kisses realtors butts to get work.Anyway that is for another thread.[/size]**
I /we here at www.MarylandHomeInspectionServices.com and www.MarylandRadonTesting.org believe the public should be made aware of the conflict ofinterest this causes and the potential for shenanigans to take place. **
The long story short is that since my accident in 2013 thatcost me my left foot, I have concentrated on Environmental inspections, Mold,Radon, etc… for myself and my wife. We have also hired 3 other HomeInspectors for Home Inspections. I amvery happy to say we are doing quite well with over 50+ Radon’s, 12-18 mols and10+ home inspections per week.
**OK well here is the bottom line. I have been working very hard on my publicawareness campaign with Radon (other huge things as well are about to bustloose) and it is finally beginning to pay off. Any certified Radon Tester in Maryland (Montgomery County)the rest of the state will go into effect shortly, will have a significantincrease in their Radon Testing business. We are also working on making this a national thing soon, but 1 state ata time.

Note To The Public Reading This

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Montgomery County Council Approves Radon Testing Bill

Supporters of the first of its kind legislation say it can help prevent deaths from the odorless gas

By Andrew Metcalf
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The County Council Tuesday unanimously approved a bill that requires home sellers in the county to test their homes for the carcinogenic gas radon or permit the buyer to test the home.
The bill generated a bit of controversy after a local association of real estate agents asked the council to not make the tests mandatory. The Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors (GCAAR) wrote in a letter to council members that agents already advise their clients about the risks of radon and that requiring the tests isn’t necessary. The legislation applies only to single-family homes.
Despite the opposition, the bill’s primary sponsor, Council member Craig Rice, said the tests could help save lives in the county and raise awareness about the dangers of radon.
“We are just asking people to test,” Rice said Tuesday. “Just so they know what may be lurking in their homes, that is unknown, that’s a silent, deadly killer.”
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates exposure to radon contributes to about 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year and that the odorless gas tends to affect cigarette smokers in greater numbers. The gas comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil and can enter homes through cracks in the foundation, according to the EPA.

The Montgomery County measure, which goes into effect in October 2016, is the first of its kind in the country, council members said.
“Montgomery County is situated in an area that has high levels of radon gas,” Rice said. “That is why it’s so important that we passed this protection for homeowners.”

Radon tests can cost as little as $15 for a short-term test from a hardware store and as little as $25 for a long-term test kit, which measures radon levels for 90 days or more. The EPA recommends a number of testing kits on its website. High levels of radon are primarily remediated by installing a vent pipe system and fan, which pulls the gas from beneath a home and vents it to the outside, according to the EPA.
State law already requires that sellers list the presence of radon gas in their home, if they know it exists. However the law doesn’t require a seller to test for the gas.

GCAAR requested a number of amendments, most of which the council added on to the bill Tuesday. Those include exceptions for sellers who sell the property in a foreclosure sale, transfer the property as part of a deceased person’s estate or who sell the property to a buyer planning to demolish the home.


Hi Jim,

I know Montgomery County has had the only radon testing protocols in the entire State, so now it will be mandatory in most cases for that county from what you’re posting here.

Why do you say it will become mandatory in the rest of the State shortly?

Even though I might benefit from this I would say it’s unnecessary for the entire State.
I would be very surprised if most of the entire Eastern Shore had elevated radon levels.

I cannot reveal too much, but trust me on this. It is in the works. Its a good thing and helps protect the public, thus the inevitable is beginning.

These things take time, (like it did in Montgomery County, but it is now moving along at a faster pace) due to many factors such as lazy uneducated politicians and the Real estate industry which has another agenda that does not include anything that may hinder or slow down a quick and speedy closing for them.

Who knows, maybe it does, and maybe not. The issue is not “What people believe or not” , heck the eastern shore is just a small part of the state. The fact is Radon is a huge concern and that concern is growing rapidly in the publics eye. I have worked very hard on this and spent much time an money working on my plan and continue to o so.

I have finally gotten through to some very powerful people that agree with me and the causes head of steam is beginning to get hotter. 1st Maryland, then eventually more states will follow suit an rightfully so, and hopefully it will become Federal statute. But for me 1 step at a time.

**Note to the public from **www.MarylandHomeInspectionServices.com

Radon Gas Causes Lung Cancer, have your home or any property professionally today !!! This recommendation comes from the EPA and the Medical Health industry.

**Another Note To The Public Reading This
If you call us for any type of inspection and mention that you read this post here on InterNACHIs, (The best and Largest Inspection Association in the Worlds) message board, we will give you 25% off your total inspection whether it is a full home (or commercial property) inspection, mold test, air quality test, radon or any other inspection, all get the discount !!!


Ok, what is the timeline for the rest of the State “following shortly”?

Now that is impossible to know. Sadly our government moves slower than a a ail at important issues. But took less than a year to get 1 county on board so we will see.


Great job on this. I know I’ve seen a bump in the percentage of inspections including radon testing. Anne Arundel and Prince Georges County both have some bad areas for Radon, but the Realtors keep pushing that these areas are low risk. Keep up the good work!


Thanks Mike, we are trying. Fortunately I finally have some high powered people onboard as well as some of the major media. networks. One of the big hurdles is that associations like nachi, ashi and others as well as many vendors that are all here to make their loot off the hard work of the Inspectors are all Realtor as…s kissers. They help keep agents in “control” of the inspection industry. Once that is stopped the better the industry will be for inspectors ad the public alike.

The ball is in motion just taking time to gain full momentum. The government and the public just need some guidance to see the light, and they are beginning too now.


So what ever happened in Maryland? As far as I know , Radon inspections are not required throughout the state, correct?