Incomplete Valley flashing

This was a relatively newer roof however the valley flashing did t loom correct to me. It was a steep one and wet this morning so I wasn’t getting up there in person but I did use my pole camera and I will of course attach the resulting pics. Thank you once again everyone.

Hey Dan,

I think you’re correct to question this installation.
On an open cut valley I’ve seen different materials used in the valley, like roll roofing, but from your photo it looks more like a rubber material, and the first photo looks like the metal flashing has slipped into the gutter. In addition to that the metal is on top of the other membrane so the water will be directed underneath the metal valley flashing.

I would recommend roofer evaluate and correct as well as adding metal valley flashing the whole length of the valleys.

Good luck man.

Yeah. That’s what I didn’t like. If the metal had been on top or reversed it would have been better but it does look like water can get behind that metal.

Thank you.

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Looks like the roofer ran out of valley flashing, so just use felt paper, it’ll work, for a while.


I think you are right. The zoom in looks like just felt paper, And that should stay water proof for about 6-8 months in “our” intense sunlight and temperatures. I down loaded the pic and also found exposed/loose nails at the ridge. There is enough ‘wonky’ there to advise a (Real) roofer take a look at it. …ooops almost forgot the zoomed in pic.InkedDSC02108roof_LI