Metal to Shingled area transition

I thought I’d see the edge of ‘peel and stick’ perhaps, but not these edges alone…:shock:

Roofers - what all should be called out here?

17 Jun 08 192.jpg

17 Jun 08 192.jpg

17 Jun 08 191.jpg

Besides stupidity?

Looks like they left for a coffee break and forgot to return.:roll:

Well, besides stupidity…

“Lack of adequate flashing and shingle overlap” types of things…:mrgreen:

Holy Crap. I would have to say shoddy workmanship is at it’s peak nowadays. I am amazed sometimes. Will they come back to fix the leaks???

It can’t help but leak the way it is.

Write it up as apparently unfinished installation due to lack of shingle overlap on metal valley which will allow water to run under the metal valley.
They should have shingled into the valley and had roof cement adhering the shingles to the valley.

surely this can’t be finished Mike…i’d just write it up as unfinished roofing…call qualified roofer to finish roof…jim

That’s what I did, basically…Rather than cast aspersions on the roofers ancestry and overall intelligence; :roll:

I just wrote it up as ML indicated… Apparently unfinished, added call out for a licensed roofing contractor to further evaluate and repair.

Some of the things you see…

Exactly the correct verbiage Mike. I would follow this to a T.

Mike - here we do not have too many metal valley flashings because they want 18" over lap on each side. It must be too expensive. When I see them they have the little deflector bump in the middle of the valley. It’s quicker and easier to over lap shingles. Usually, though, they kind of, sort of, cut them into a straight line…

The unfinished work comment is good good.