Indiana Lowers license fee and renewal fees

Indiana licensing agency just lowered the cost to get licensed and to renew every 2 years from $400 to $50.

Why I don’t mind paying less for my license it did keep every tom, dick and harry from becoming an inspector. I bet I get low balled more often once this gets out.

Oh well now is my time to out shine all the wanna be’s! Time to step up my marketing machine!

They lowered it because the REA’s lost all of their “cheap” HI’s. They had to lower the fee so the low-cost HI’s could become “licensed”, so $199 Uncle Bob could get back into business.

Why do you want to do a better job than Uncle Bob? Licensing laws are basic, and minimal. You will either have to play and lower your prices, or starve.

All existing license holders had to renew in October of last year.

I’m sure we will get a $350 refund check soon :wink:

I know with InterNACHi letting newbies take all of their Illinois pre-licensing courses for FREE has added to many new low-ballers in my area.

How much are you suggesting we charge for courses?