Renewed my license and I wasn't charged anything

I just renewed my HI licensed with the Florida DBPR and they didn’t charge me anything. Anyone else experienced this?

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I would have to look, but I don’t remember them charging me 2 years ago either.

Roy, I’ve seen a couple of other on the FB pages saying the same thing. Must be a small gesture due to the virus. I did mine last Aug and they charged me so hoping the same holds true for this year’s renewal. Stay safe!

Don’t worry Master Roy, I’ll call them to make sure you get charged :joy:

What a friend! Yep!

I need to renew mine, I will let you know! That’s cool if they don’t… last email I got stated that they were just extending the deadline for the penalty…

No charge for them here in FL probably due to the current situation !

I’ll be able to renew mine tomorrow; I just finished my ce hrs. this morning.
I’ll let you know.
They probably will send us a bill later (just like the toll bridges). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
They are probably focused on the unemployment insurance website now.

n/c for HI license
Got charged five bucks for mold assessor.

They emailed me my copy automatically after the last ce hour was completed. :+1:

Speaking of CE hours-this shutdown has hurt the ability to get live CEs. I’ve already filled up my state’s allowance for InterNACHI credits. Hope state board grants extensions.

Yep, no fee. Yay!