Indoor generator installation

I just had to share from today’s inspection. This is a 9KW gasoline generator installed on a fixed platform inside the attached garage. The owner rigged up an old kitchen exhaust hood to collect and discharge the exhaust fumes to the exterior. The muffler exhaust faced directly into the rear wall of the garage so the owner put a “cookie tin” against the wall to keep the drywall from burning. Note the flexible exhaust hose…wonder if that is rated for gasoline engine use. Buyer asked if there was a way to fix it…I told him in no uncertain terms that it was unsafe and had to go outside the house.:roll:

I swear, there is one born every day. :slight_smile:

Good way to end up Dead.

Natural selection I guess…

A dummy doesn’t know what a dummy doesn’t know.

O MA GAWD:shock:#-o#-o#-o#-o

Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

I wouldn’t even give them an “E” for effort in this case.

Trouble is, natural selection doesn’t work any more. As George Carlin said, we’re dumbing down the world with batting helmets and airbags…