Infractions System

Hey everyone,

In response to the way some people abuse this board we’ll be introducing a new “Infractions” system in the coming weeks. I’d like to quickly explain the concept and then get some feedback from y’all.

Infractions are a simple way to first warn and then penalize forum users who are misbehaving. Basically, if you do something against the rules you get an infraction. If you get enough infractions, you have some permissions removed for a day or two (like the ability to post). Once the infraction period is over, everything goes back to normal, except that the infraction is listed on the “Infractions” tab of your profile.

Here are some of the things that I think warrant an infraction:

  • Leaving obscene or insulting reputation comments
  • Tagging a post with an obscene or insulting tag
  • Posting under multiple identities
  • Posting same message under multiple forums
  • Hijacking threads (posting off-topic comments in a thread)
  • Insulting other users

I haven’t thought this list through yet, because I wanted your suggestions first. A few other ideas that other forums use are for spammy posts, insulting other members, inappropriate use of signatures, and excessive inappropriate language.

What do y’all think?

Good idea Chris,

make the baord self regulating, and if anyone gets booted of let them appeal.




Good ideas!! I’ll support it. How about adding another infraction or two:

  1. Making the same post in multiple forums. That really gets aggravating to see a post about an item in 6 different forums and having answers in as many.

  2. Hijacking threads. Let’s keep a thread on topic. If it does not apply to the thread then go off line or start another thread in an appropriate area.

  3. Expand the “insulting other members” to insulting anyone. We need to display professionalism and outright insults have no real place here. They also contribute to hijacking of threads.


Good Idea Chris,must be done, we will all benefit from this and keep InterNACHI a good viable source were we can send people to.

I agree with your suggestion, Emmanuel. Both hijacking and insulting are a little sticky, but I think we can use our best judgment. Obviously minor quips will not result in an infraction, but a serious insult might. Also, minor off-topic comments would likely not result in an infraction, while systematic hijackers will receive infractions more frequently.

I think Burkeson gonna have to learn some new words. :wink:

I don’t want my customers seeing the garbage in the non-member forums. Penalizing each other doesn’t solve the problem because the public will still see the issues that lead to the infraction.

Agreed! Remove the problem message all together if your going to track something. Chris why now? Why wasn’t this taking seriously by you or Nick when we tried to clean up the board the last time? The board is actually alot better now then it was then.

I like the idea.

Yes, I agree with both. Minor quips sometimes help a thread remain lively. Also on hijacking, yes sometimes a minor diversion is made and no harm or foul, but the major ones are the headache.

I think its a good idea . Thanks Chris,

Go for it, Chris.

It’s about time something is being done about these individuals.

I’ve introduced a few infractions into the system and started working on some scripts to analyze tags and reputation comments. If you come across a post that you think deserves and infraction, report it. Please be specific in the report, though, as we won’t always have time to read through the entire thread for context.

OK so which insult gets me booted;

Mike larson you are an A-hole with a tiny little couque.


Mike larson, there is a rumour going around that you have the physical properties of a human rectum and as if that were not enough, are in the possession of a very small chicken.

It is a slippery slope gentlemen, and I use the term guardedly as I am sure that most of you have rarely if ever been accused of being one of that breed. It seems to me that by policing language we are merely driving the offenders, with the possible exception of the member previously mentioned by Mike the A-hole who appears to have just about exhausted his supply of non-epithets ( the other member, not the A-hole), to use language less common but equally insulting.

George. Thank you for being so eloquent. :wink:

BTW- I flatly reject your scurrilous assertion and deny any involvement with said chicken.


I agree, there’s definitely a lot of gray area. We’ll try to navigate it as best we can.


And then there is the word ‘lick-spittle’. Do I get booted for using it or receive an award for using it in a sentence?:shock:

No problem here.

While making these changes, how about making it mandatory to sign rep feedback so chicken littles can’t hide behind there keyboards