Infrared camera for mold inspection

Looking to purchase a infrared camera to go along with mold inspection. Just starting out and want to invest around $700. Any recommendations?


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Thanks, I’m a retired carpenter doing this part time and will take everyone’s advice. Take it slow and learn as much as possible. Oh and a lot of prayer :sweat_smile:

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This is the one I bought when I first started out, and it is very impressive for the money. Only downside is that it is not the best image. Its nothing like the image overlay you get with Flir. Hti-Xintai Higher Resolution 320 x 240 IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. Model HTI-19 with Improved 300,000 Pixels, Sharp 3.2in Color Display Screen, Battery Included. Lightweight Comfortable Grip. : Industrial & Scientific

This one is better, for a few hundred more, it has a refresh rate faster than a $3k Flir, meaning you dont have to pause every time you move the camera around as it refreshes. And the thermal sensitivity rivals the Flir as well, but again, not as clear of an image.
However, they both work very well for spotting temp differences, and wet spots. They will point out individual water droplets like a sore thumb. Hti-Xintai 384 X 288 High Resolution Thermal Camera Imager with 3.5” TFT Display Screen, Infrared Imaging Camera with WiFi, Built-in 8GB Digital Storage and Adjustable Focus Thermal Camera with 25HZ : Industrial & Scientific

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Images from the cheaper camera:
No insulation in ceiling

Images from second camera:

Again, quality is not great, but the thermal sensitivity rivals a $4k Flir. I usually just attach two photos to show what the thermal is looking at. This was a leak from the condensate line, dripping inside the wall of a brand new home. Nobody even knew about it before I inspected. They had to delay closing a week, so they could replace all the drywall. It was wet like this in four different walls.

Yes, get infrared educated before any decisions are made.