Infrared Camera HELP!

I’ve recently been contacted by someone in my area who is going out of the IR business and trying to sell his equipment. He has the P65 (FLIR?), paid $50,000 for it 2 years ago and is trying to get $30,000. I was floored at the investment cost! I’ve seen a $1000 NACHI discount for a $6000 IR Camera (posted somewhere in this section). Is there a HUGE difference between the two kinds of cameras?

In my area, I’d rather not hassle people for extra $ for IR, unless they want a whole house investigative scan. I’d like to use the IR camera to further investigate suspicious areas and market my services as such, e.g., “We also use IR Thermography in our standard home inspections.” It’s a differentiator. Or, am I selling myself short?

I’ve only recently begun my research into IR, but your input would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks very much.

Tim Hance
All Islands Home Inspections

Go for it. It’s only 30 grand. You may be able to get him to come down with his price a little. Maybe 25,000??

Tim I am no expert only been doing IR since last August but in my opinion if all you are going to use the camera for is home inspection no need for a P65 way more resolution and bells and whistles such as Freeze frame and many more that are just not needed for the HI. If you are going to be doing electrical scans on large equipment such a motor control centers sub stations transformers and the like it would be a good investment otherwise not recommended.

The B-Cam is sufficient for the job at hand, which is Home Inspections

Just my two cents


Spend the money on a bcam and spend the rest on your wife.

How about my twelve grand children they could use some extra yenom

looked at a Flir 360 thermal camera last week at Safety express. Great resolution and compact. Price $18,000 cdn. Had lots of bells and whistles. Turned it down (reluctently). Reason? To develope my B2 skills and become more proficient with its use to help my clients. If I was going to do a lot of investigative/restoration styles of thermography, maybe then I would have bought one. Save your bucks and use them to market what you have and then improve the equipment.
Just my 2 cents.


Thanks everyone. I appreciate your feedback and advice. If I add IR services to my HI business, it seems wise to start with the Bcam. And, from what I’ve seen, it looks like a pretty incredible tool that would be a great benefit to the company and my clients.

Tim Hance

Please do yourself a huge favor…Stay away from any IR camera that is priced over $10,000.00.

These cameras have high-end options that are totally useless in the HI industry.

That is exactly what I asked Our Instructor when I took the FLIR course .
He said for home Inspectors The B Cam is the best for a HI to buy .
It is exactly the Camera you need . I have the SD model .

You are correct Roy.