Infrared Camera Selection

Anyone have any comments/experience with this IR Camera?
IR Camera

How much training in IR do you have?

Training shows you your needs and helps in camera selection in accordance with your needs.

No, I am not familiar with the camera, but there are several things missing which would hinder my performance. The price concerns me.

220 x 160 resolution can be deceiving. Big numbers do not mean a big camera. Actually you should consider this camera a 160 x 160, Sensitivity and pixel spacial resolution (space between pixels) are important. Software can fill in these spaces, but you are not taking any measurement between the pixels.

Daylight image overlay is often used in low end cameras which to make sense of the big blobs of color because the resolution is so poor. Turn it off and see if you can identify anything. A differential in color on the screen should have a very fine halo around it if the camera is worth anything. This occurs because of geometry. As the edges of of the object round off, the emissivity changes and creates a different color on the edge. There is also reflection differentials there as well.

Camera Lens: This is the most detrimental part of all thermal imagers. IR wavelength can not pass through glass. So it needs to be another material. Germanium vs. plastic both allow IR transmittance through them. Why does one cost $1,500 - $30,000? Yes $30k.
How much does this camera cost?
You may have a bunch of pixels, but is anything getting through to them?

I have the HTI-19, one step above. I would at least go with that one: Hti-Xintai Higher Resolution 320 x 240 IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. Model HTI-19 with Improved 300,000 Pixels, Sharp 3.2in Color Display Screen, Battery Included. Lightweight Comfortable Grip. : Industrial & Scientific

The sensor is very accurate, and rivals the Flir E4, but the image doesnt compare… But for the money, it is very accurate at pointing out temp anomolies, which is what you are looking for. You can just use two pics to show the area. (one clear, and one thermal)
Here are some pics I took with that one: First 2 are a roof leak that you otherwise would not see without thermal, it showed it immediately. The pics of the panels show that you can actually use a type of image overlay like Flir does, where it blends the pics, but the colors are out of alignment a little when you do it that way.
But like I said, you cant go wrong for the money. It is VERY sensitive, and will point out a single drop of water on the carpet. (I tried that with a Flir C5, ($700) and it didnt even see the water drops. It blended the whole floor color together.

Missing insulation

And i also have this one: It has a much faster refresh rate (25 Hz, as opposed to the 9), the Flir E8 only has a 9 I believe. And has a much clearer image, but still not as good as the Flir.

Missing insulation behind this wall at the attic side.


Here I splashed a little water on the carpet, and then it got the heat from my feet just walking across it.

So, If you are looking for something cheaper, I would definitely recommend. The sensitivity with these are amazing. But again, dont expect the clarity of the Flir.
But downloading pics can be a pain, thats why I just take a pic with my phone of the screen. It helps to show where it is pointing too.


And if you want to get the specs of a Flir E8 without the high price, buy the hacked E4.

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Dangit! I thought it was more than that… Probably should have bought that instead of mine, I spent $900 for the better one. I may need to get that one now…
SOO, William, want to buy mine?


Question, though. Does yours show water droplets as obvious as that too? Because like I said, I tried the C5, and actually sent it back. I was not impressed for the money

Good question. I will have to try a test. Did you use cold water?

yes, but it shouldnt matter too much, I didnt wait for it to get cold.

This is all I got handy right now. My cat walking across a very dirty piece of carpet laying on my shop floor.




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